MDI Season 1 Global Champions!

Thanks for the correction. I am just feeling salty and it’s probably a good thing my sub is up soon.

Probably around June 22, but that’s just a guess based on avg ptr lengths.

Aight, cool.

They own an e-sports company…would you prefer they fire everyone that works there?

And in case you are wondering what I am talking about, they purchased Major League Gaming in 2016.

They actually laid off a lot of the live event esport staff.

The number of likes on OP’s post is astounding.

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Eh, forums have never been really friendly to esports, they blame them for everything from their dog dying to the story being bad.


Probably because WoW shouldn’t be turned into an esport.


Too late to that party, AWC has been going for many many years.

Personally I quite enjoy watching pve esports in wow.


/bored /yawn…

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WoW is a MMO. Try to remember that Blizzard marketeers.



WoW Memesports

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Have any proof of that is this just another “fact” that requires no supporting proof?

You mean the won they bought after they dropped WoW for being a horrible esport?

You make me sick activision.


They’re all worth more money than you and your dad combined

I mean, that just states that they wouldn’t have them for balancing purposes, nothing to do with esports


That’s 90% of the teams. x is usually an Arms Warrior.

It has everything to do with esports.

I ain’t spending any time explaining the basic concept of how arenas introduced them to the game though. Common sense should be common.