MDI’s Global Finals Champion Team is Crowned!

MDI’s Global Finals Champion Team is Crowned!

In what proved to be a scary-good Global Finals, Echo prevailed as the champion with $150,000 prizing and the Mythic Dungeon International gold medals!

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Aster.y had a hell of a good run.

It’s a shame the MDI isn’t super popular among most folks. I really found this season’s Global Finals to be the most entertaining it’s been in a long time.

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Probably because nobody wants to see the same teams with the same comps running the same dungeons in a boring format.


There will almost always be similar comps, though. The MDI is a very specific format with very specific requirements; there will always be a very small pool of classes/specs that can deal with constant, massive pulls. And even then, we saw basically every class get used to some degree throughout the MDI.

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I don’t like the fact that Blizzard seems more concerned with building e-sports than building a world for everyone.


what a surprise :yawning_face:

Quick somebody insert the Peter griffin “omg who the hell cares”.


You cared enough to respond with a nothing comment. Cringe.

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Cool, wanna actually care about the state of the game now by listening to player feedback? Or was that department cut for the money for the tournament?

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The irony of this


americans, what’s going on? I thought this was a country of top pro gamers.

White knight up in hurrrrrr.

Lmao yikes