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Midnight Carnival is a social and leveling guild where everyone - all lvls, classes, alts, & even entire little guilds - will be equally welcome. Laid back, friendly, experienced members can help with all your game questions while you learn how to play and make friends.

Above all else we want all our members to have fun while we assist them in learning their class, their spec, how to use and play the game, and how to be the best them possible in a supportive, non judgmental environment. Players are encouraged to ask questions of every kind and never feel they will be insulted when the answer is given. We hope someday they will pay it forward and pass this information on to others who need the help.

If you would like to join Midnight Carnival you need only meet the requirements of respectfulness. PST any member and they will direct you to Ama (The Guild Leader) or someone who can invite you into our family (Most of them can)

What there is to DO:
Doing things together, as a guild, is mutually beneficial. You get to see content and make friends, and groups of 3 or more guildies earns the guild bank money, which is then used so you can repair without spending your own money. The more money the bank has, the higher that limit is able to be set. You can also forge friendships outside of game, via this website and Facebook.

Facebook News Feed - WoW & Guild News that may interest you.
Facebook User Group - Communicate, post, share and talk to your fellow guildies. Put a face to a toon name.
Our website! - Read through the forums! Post! Share thoughts, ideas, reply to others… have a conversation!
Leveling - The main focus of our guild is social (Community) and leveling, with special focus on teaching. If you see someone struggling to level, not really understanding their class mechanics, or how to complete a quest - Help them! Power leveling them is NOT recommended, but leveling together, or helping with elite quests is a great way to start a friendship.
5 man instances - When you run a dungeon group composed of 3 guildies or more, you all earn guild reputation towards some great items (with more to come in the future) and the guild itself earns experience (or would if it weren’t capped) and money. If you plan to run randoms, ask if anyone wants to come with you. Sometimes you wont get an answer, but more often than not people will come with you and you can make some great new friends.
Raiding - Raiding is not something we as a guild are very focused on. But when we do raid we expect members to meet certain base criteria, including etiquette and preparedness, in order to succeed. There are three different types of raids we do as a guild, Casual Progression (Requires an Application), Open (On the Calendar every Saturday, No application needed), Achievement (Previous Tiers, usually announced or on the fly, but rarely “scheduled”)

Check out everything you ever wanted to know about us, on our website, at midnightcarnival .info


Main Progression Raids (Heroic/Normal only) Tuesday and Thursday - 6:00pm to 9:00pm MT (8:00pm to 11:00pm ET) Invites start 10-15 minutes prior to raid for a 6p Server first pull.

We’re currently filling our raid team for the Battle for Azeroth Raiding content and are in need of:

  • Ranged DPS - 2+ (Hunter, Spriest, Ele - Fricken anything, WHY is everyone melee?)
  • Healer OS DPS - 1+ (Pally, Priest, Monk needed most)
  • Tank OS DPS - 1+ (DK, DH, Bear, Monk needed most)

We welcome all applications! Even if your class is closed, we will consider exceptional players. We strongly encourage you to schedule an interview as quickly as possible following the submission of the application.

Currently we require a 350+ ilvl to start, fully gemmed and enchanted. You can begin when you are ready

Please Review the application and expectations and apply on our website at midnightcarnival dot info

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Oops, I posted from the wrong character. Not a fan of the new forums. We’re an Alliance guild with a tiny little horde guild for our alts when we get bored, not the other way around.

FYI and former/long offline members!

The once per expansion roster purge is now complete. All toons that have been offline for 6+ months as of 1/1/19 have been removed from the guild. This will not occur again until January 1st, the year AFTER the next expansion drops.

All removed toons are welcome back any time they come back to Warcraft, just PST any member of Midnight Carnival for your invite.

If you do not join another guild first, and simply rejoin upon account reactivation, all of your guild rep, and even your officer notes, will be intact. We hope to see you back soon.

I’ll be posting a full character name screen later today, on our website. If your name is on it make a point to PST me as soon as you log back in to WoW. No removals were malicious, it was simply “offline 6+ months - Remove.”

Hey guys. Our raid team is really struggling. With the server dying off, and people getting bored with WoW we don’t have enough people to kill bosses and we could really use some people to step up.

If you’re willing, can commit to two nights a week, and have an easy going personality we could really use you.

We need mostly ranged DPS but we will take anyone willing and figure it out. We need you to get to a 350+ ILVL and we’re willing to run you through Mythics to get you there, you just also have to be running World Quests and LFR to fill in the blanks on your own.

To join the guild (we also have social, leveling, and alt players) message any member of MC. Once in, message Ama or Aryin in game to ask about the raid team.

We’ll ask you some questions about what you expect, your experience level (so we know how much work needs to happen) and where your toon is at right now. When you’re ready we’ll have you fill out an application on our website, just so we know you’re really committed to being part of our team. Everything after that is gravy.

We hope to hear from you! The new raid starts 1/22, if you can get ready by then, we’ll happily start it with you.

To learn more about us, and our Raid team expectations (it looks harder core than we actually are, it’s to scare off the non-commits) check out our website at MIDNIGHTCARNIVAL dot INFO ( dot com is fetish leather, so when you’re done with that, check us out!)

And remember, people with no interest in raiding are absolutely welcome. With server death it’s been very quiet in guild, and we’re looking for activities and such to end all that. Guild members can be part of that discussion on our MidnightCarnival.KhazModan facebook page/group.

Hope to see you soon!

Everyone is welcome/back! (well… mostly) :wink: They know who they are.

Is this a horde or alliance guild?

We have a horde guild (which was the accidental first post), but the guild is primarily alliance.

That was my bad.

Est’d 2010: Everything guild founded on mutual respect. Looking for friendly, helpful people regardless of lvl or skill lvl. Perfect for new players, returning players, casual players, casual raiders & all your alts. Large guild with all the perks. Join us!

Currently Focusing on Semi-Hardcore Raiding, Leveling, and group play (Mythic+/Etc). Raid applicants must be IN guild, APPLY, and meet pre-set criteria outlined on the guild website.

Welcoming all Social and Leveling players as well.

Main Progression Raids (Heroic/Normal only)
Currenty: Tuesday and Thursday - 6:00pm to 9:00pm MT (8:00pm to 11:00pm ET) This is expected to change September 1st but which nights aren’t set yet. If you get in now, you can help choose.

Invites start 10-15 minutes prior to raid. You’re expected to be ready for first pull at 6p server.

We welcome applications at from players who share our approach to the game. We will always consider exceptional players regardless of class. Currently, we are actively seeking the following:

  • Current Starting readiness marked at 20ilvls below current tier but fully gemmed and enchanted.

  • Ranged/Melee DPS - 3+ The more the merrier.

  • Healer - 2+ Looking for at least one who is a dps with a healing off set for back up.

  • Tank 1+ - MT spot available - also accepting applications for DPS with tank OS to act as back-up

We welcome all applications! Even if your class is closed, we will consider exceptional players. We strongly encourage you to schedule an interview as quickly as possible following the submission of the application.


  • Ability to fill your role demonstrating high class and raid awareness
  • Ability to maintain 80% raid attendance
  • Ability to take criticism and improve upon your abilities
  • Know your class and be able to keep up on changes
  • Know all fights by prior study using online sources
  • Patience and Mutual respect for the rest of your team
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy raiding!

What We Offer:

  • Guild bank repairs
  • Flask/Elixirs, raid food, potions (as available)
  • Gem/Enchanting materials
  • Fun raiding environment
  • FB Social Groups/Fan page to stay up to date
  • Guild website complete with All linked strategy information

If you think you are ready to find out what end game has to offer:

  • Stop by our website:
  • Join us on our Discord
  • Post here and we’ll follow up
  • In game: Amastrasza, or ask if “Ama” is on to any guild member (lots of alts) - Ary, Noone, Moracka and Diaa can also assist you.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

ps. Nobody checks the in-game guild sign up thingy. Just pst any member online to join the guild, they can all invite you :slight_smile:

Is midnight carnival still active? I know I’m posting at a weird time but Im working nights and I’m guild shopping while I’m on my downtime :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes? And no. We still raid, but on non raid nights I feel like there’s hardly anyone on right now, everyone is off doing other things.

But I’m hoping to revitalize it soon, if you want to get on board with that?