May i get some clarification on using software that has the ability to broadcast inputs?

We will soon begin issuing warnings to all players who are detected using input broadcasting software to mirror commands to multiple accounts at the same time

My question is, is using software that has the ability to broadcast inputs (Innerspace/ISBoxer specifically) while playing a single instance of WoW actionable? The Policy update says that using software to mirror commands to mutliple accounts is actionable, but does that also include playing only 1 character as well?

I’m not trying to dance around the rules or find some way to beat the policy, i am simply asking if i can run the same software as long as i only play and have 1 single game open.

My reasons for this are the features on the program that resize the game window and optimize cpu usage and fps control, ect.

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The policy update also states

We will soon begin issuing warnings to all players who are detected using input broadcasting software to mirror commands to multiple accounts at the same time (often used for multi-boxing). With these warnings, we intend to notify players that they should not use this software while playing World of Warcraft. Soon thereafter, the warnings will escalate to account actions, which can include suspension and, if necessary, permanent closure of the player’s World of Warcraft account(s). We strongly advise you to cease using this type of software immediately to maintain uninterrupted access to World of Warcraft.

Emphasis mine.


i think that guy is still trying to argue semantics and technicalities in wording.

M myself am not asking those same questions. I’m trying to see if i can still use software capable of broadcasting inputs, but not utilizing that part of the software and only using 1 single instance of WoW. I’m interested in Blizzards official stance as long as i am not broadcasting or mirroring inputs.


They don’t make any distinction that says using it while playing only one account is okay. They say don’t use it while playing World of Warcraft. Period. Full stop.


I may be mistaken but I seem to recall back during one of the ban waves, supposedly there was some similar program or farming tool that also worked with another game. They swore up and down then only used it for that game, never WoW, but it was still picked up and flagged their account for a suspension.

It’s also worth noting that the SFA’s will never outright say that THIS program/add-on is 100% acceptable and of course you’ll never get in trouble for it. Something may happen down the line and perhaps you’ve got this add-on that was vouched for by a Blizzard employee. By intention or a hack, suddenly this add-on goes in and works in a way that it shouldn’t that exceeds the boundaries. Person gets banned, dredges up this old post and it just goes downhill from there.

Of course that’s just a hypothetical situation, but it could happen. It’s just safer for them to remain vague and if there is some inkling that a program or whatnot is being phased out and is eventually punishable - it’s better off not to tempt fate.


Saddest thing is that this is another case of “can’t have nice things”, because it’s being banned from use to stop botting and stuff like that. Just happens to also affect multiboxers (hence the warning).

I would not recommend it. Running prohibited software while WoW is running is not a good idea at all - whether or not you are actually using it IN WoW at the time.


Can i get one more question cleared up? Can i still use the software for Diablo 3?

Use are your own risk.


Blizzard has never officially approved third party software and will not do so now. Any use of it is at your own risk.

As has been said forever, Multiboxing is allowed, but not officially supported and they do not approve any software for use with it for any game.


Actually, they changed their stance on third-party software that allowed keystrokes to go to multiple clients.

Multiboxing itself is still allowed and continues, as it’s always been, to be unsupported.


Multiboxing is still not against the rules, nothing has changed, except what can be used to broadcast to multiple clients.

Technically, the software broadcasters that are used now a days, did not exist in Vanilla. Most M-boxers learned on KVM switches, or other hardware tricks, which seem to be still ok.


I’d like to know how they twisted your arm, made you purchase multiple licenses and wrangled together some sort of playstyle that probably was never intended. How dare they!

If you’ve used game time, they cannot refund a partial amount. Pretty much all digital sales are final, but these crooks, as you call them, do allow for refunds or whatnot under specific circumstances because they do try to work with folks. Too, attitude goes a long way in trying to find a resolution.


It’s never been supported. That’s the stance Blizzard has had since the game started. Unsupported means do so at your own risk.

The EULA that we all agree to also states the game can change at any time and Blizzard reserves the right to do this.

If they refused, then you didn’t qualify for a refund. It’s the same policy applied to ALL players regardless. If the purchases were recent, sure you might get a refund. If too much time has passed, then the likelihood is going to be slim to none.


It’s not going to change anything, but I’m just curious, can you show where they said they ‘Support’ multiboxing?