Maximum Realm Capacity Increased – August 28

Excellent news. Hope it was just a precautionary thing and not some way to generate hype over insane queues haha!
Glad to hear nonetheless.


thank baby jesus!!

Thank god all those idiots told me over and over yesterday that this wasn’t possible. Thank you for listening!


/cheers Kaivax \o/

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Now that I think about it, if they did this day one, then it would probably be the exact same thing, but on less servers.

At least now people have picked their servers and should just get in. Right?


Still a 4hour que on Skeram that doesn’t seem to go down.


Thank you.

Thanks Blizzard, I was worried I would have to reroll again tonight but this does help.

Yeah. I agree it makes sense to do it now if they really want to avoid possibly having dead realms in the future and then merging them.

But, we are kinda kicking the queue problems down the road and hoping for the best.

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Wait a minute… What?


I hope it’s also a temporary bandaid so people don’t have to switch servers and start over but be able to get into the one they wanted until all the tourists and retail people who will discover they don’t get free loot quit.

EDIT: Because having TOO many people on your server can be a problem too. Sure, you can log in but you’ll spend a ton of time trying to get quest objectives because you’ll have 30 people going for them.


Thank you! But im curious to know exactly how much more it got increased

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This worries me for the plan to turn off layering later on…how do you plan on addressing that issue?


Still Position 5k on Skeram.

Amazing, thank you.
And people might screen about no changes but naughty servers had up to like 15k people each realm.

I much prefer bigger populations specially in classic (not 15k big of course), I hope that this remains to make that world feel alive.

Hmm…now do I play hunter again or stay with my warrior.


If we get to P2 and removing layers is going to leave you with 20k people, you just let ppl sign up to split the server ahead of time (with like 2 weeks notice).

The biggest thing keeping people from moving right now is the 1-6 hours notice is not enough time for groups to discuss it. (and every new server just gets the same problem, at least for the east PVP realms)


Still on position 2k on Incendius

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Logged in to Herod 30 mins after the server restart and looked at a 5k queue. Now it’s 3 hours later, and the queue is at 1800.

Is that pre- or post-improvements ?