Maul - Why is it still in the game?

Maul just feels like a bad ability to press, so useless, so worthless. We need a redesign on Maul. Maul shouldn’t cost 40 rage in its current state.

  1. Make a rage generator with a CD and does less damage.

  2. Keep the rage cost at 40 but, make it a 10-20 second CD that hits super hard single target.

  3. Keep the damage the same and include a rage reduction to Ironfur everytime you hit Maul.

There are plenty of ways to make Maul a useful button. It’s such an iconic bear form spell and it’s sad that I BEARly use it because it’s useless.


I also wouldn’t mind if they deleted maul and raised our DPS. This skill has been useless for a very long time. BFA it was even a dps loss single target because iron fur would grant agility with an azerite power


while this would be an interesting change, I think Bears have a small amount of skills as is. I think just a redesign would be great.


I can tell you that having execute as a rage spender while playing prot on my warrior is really fun when you don’t need to play defensively.

Not that maul should be an execute, but it should deal significantly more damage to consider using.


All they need to do is make Maul reduce the cooldown of Frenzied Regen with every use similar to what Monk base abilities do to their brews. Now its worth pushing in times where you don’t need the defensives.

Not every button needs to be “worth pressing” all the time. Maul is still worth pressing for solo Bears, as well as in PvP. If you don’t want to use it, take it off your bar.


The issue Is that bear’s to bottom tier DPS as it is. All we need is for maul to do enough DMG that it’s worth casting.


Make it like the old pally set up with their hammer of wrath vs crusader strike. Make it a viable single target filler to allow use for single target fights to help increase dps and rage.

It was quite a few expansions ago when this set up was for prot pallies.


Its thete cuz balance team got cut in half and tje remaining member dont have the time to look about it.

Well same for druid abysmal dps.

Or just revert it to a heroic strike clone and take it off the GCD.


Kinda sad the only decent version of maul is the feral ( not even guardian ) pvp talent. And that talent is only decent because it let’s you off heal better also lol

Just make it a % Proc chance off a thrash tick.


I don’t mean to derail your thread. I just don’t have a lot to offer to it since I agree with it.

But other than the Maul issue, how is your bear this expansion? Are you enjoying it? Do you feel tanky without all the essences/Azerite powers?

I think they should make it a revenge clone. Allow it to proc off of mangle to deal significantly more damage, hit more targets and remove its cost.

Otherwise, it’s a rage dump.

Personally I’m enjoying it. Especially once i got the NOW legendary. It was a game changer.

Sure I don’t expect to lead the damage meters but I can get respectable levels.

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My problem with it is that no other tank must choose between defensive and DPS and even if a druid would spend all of his rage on maul over iron fur, he still would parse miles behind my vengeance DH.

For real, how hard can it be to balance tank DPS in a world where mythic + require tank DPS to be roughly the same.

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Well that’s exactly what it is…it’s a rage dump haha. Problem is, it’s not worth the rage to dump it on. I’d rather throw another unneeded stack of IF for S&G’s before wasting it on all.

And we have something similar to the Revenge clone with Mangle being able to hit multiple targets (although not without talents), and we’ve already got 2 AoE moves.

I’d rather we bake a magic damage mitigation into the ability. 10% reduced magic damage for 6 seconds, damage reduction stacking, but time not overlapping/resetting.

Not overly powerful, but gives us options on how to spend our defensives. Being able to alternate between IF and Mauls.


I haven’t played Gaurdian since legion but it appears to be exactly the same as it was then, maul is never worth pushing unless you aren’t tanking, and you will cap on rage, other wise I always found it better to simple pool my rage to stack ironfur after a taunt.

They absolutely should give it a proc similar to revenge, that’s the closest comparison to how the abilities work. Warrior has to choose between IP and Revenge, similar to IF or Maul, but IF can at least stack forever, IP caps at like 25% max hp.

Bliz need to delete the spell or make it useful

If you are going for damage then you shouldn’t be using NOW and should be using UFR. Your top key is a 2 and people are using UFR in the 24 range after looking at subcreation. You would be much better off going ufr

He was answering a question regarding the tankiness of Guardian, and nothing to do with damage output.

Given that regard, NoW is the more defensive of the 2 legendaries and adds to the tankiness :slight_smile: