Mature player looking for LVL'n Guild

Hello, old player returning to WOW for the classic experience.

Looking for a guild that i can level with. I would also be interested in raiding eventually. I would preferred a guild with a mature respectful group, that understands that those whom have families and children cannot always play at the drop of a hat.

I am currently lvling a Prot Warrior and a priest healer. I have a a number of other alts as well (very low lvl currently.)

I play 3 to 5 days per week, for approximately 1 to 4 hours. I will not be playing retail. Only classic.

Server: Thunderfury
Faction: Horde
Toon names: Shawar (24 Troll Warrior) / Healsya (16 Undead Pries)

Thank you!

Discord Silenzor#2841 if interested in talking and you havent found anything yet.

@Hocus Will look you up via Discord later tonight. Thanks.