Match Made in Zereth Mortis - Death Issue

Was half done with this quest, when I got disconnected from the game. Came back to find I was dead. Travelled to where it says my corpse is, but nothing was there and I couldn’t resurrect. Had to accept rez sickness and sit on my hands waiting for it to go away because the quest bugged out.


I just died, too, and cannot retrieve my corpse. It kills me to have to take resurrection sickness and pay that repair bill at the fault of Blizzard, but I don’t see another way out. Apparently our corpses are falling down into the tall rocky formations so that they are unretrievable. This should not be happening at all!


your body is in the cave below

I went to the cave that was shown on the minimap. Went inside and could see my body, but wasn’t able to rez. Likely something to do with disconnecting first. Hence the bug report.

BLIZZ REALLY NEEDS TO FIX THIS PROBLEM . If you die during this quest the same problem you have NO CHOICE but take Rez Sickness.

Please at least make it so that you Rez at the grave yard like was done in other expansions.

This is very frustrating if you have multiple toons that you are doing the story line on and die.

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EDIT My body was not in the portal cave but in a nearby one. lol. /EDIT This is still an issue. Im in the cave but my body is below me and I cant get it. Ugh.

Sure you can. Go out of the Portal room outside, and down the hill to the right. The entrance to the cave your body gets sent to is right there.

yeah this just happened to me too, some random mob did a suicide nuke and 1 shotted me from a distance. Technically jetsum is right, the body is shipped to a cave but its actually to the left. If you turn right and head that way you go to the cave with the spider rare, not where your body goes.

There in lies the problem. Why on earth is my body shipped to a location that has nothing at all to do with anything. horrible design implementation. Did no one test it? i mean if mobs are going to have a ranged instakill with no warning, adding in random guess where your corpse when minigames as well isnt fun

to make matters worse, turns out that other players can ninja all the energy orbs as well, I revived flew back up to where i was killed some things and got no energy orbs cause a panda monk ran in and took them all

May 21, 2022 still an issue

This issue still exists, although after running around the cave I discovered that I could only res in a very tiny spot, much smaller than the usual radius we’re given. Not sure why our corpses are sent to a cave below, but buggy quests and a frustrating player experience is the norm right now.