Massive Server Populations Breaking the Game Faerlina Alliance

Am I missing something regarding server xferring? Is this an available service somewhere?

Game is unplayable for Benediction alliance. The HURR HURR PVP server folks are just the braindead you have to sift through.

No. If you’re the minority faction and you want to transfer at this point, you’re going to have to reroll.

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Well said OP!

How would the faction limit be determined in this case?

Is it a 50/50 split of server capacity? Or is the server cap for the majority faction throttled based on what the amount of active minority faction players are on the server on average?

This may help prevent super-majorities at certain times, when both sides are capped, but if the cap is based upon 50/50 split of the server, then the minority side may never fill fully and you’ll continue seeing imbalance.

Unless it addresses the crux of many people’s complaints: population density, and throttles servers to a much smaller over all cap.

I wouldn’t want to throttle strictly HS Ally ability to raid for the sake of going down to 33:66 though.

That said, I also don’t think there is any issue with PvP servers, so tools that limit actually playability will be met with skepticism.

I have said this time and time again.

  1. Implement faction server queues
  2. Open at the same time faction only server transfers
  3. Enjoy.

This seems to be the latest “free Realm Transfer” list from Blizzard. No other transfers options (ie paid) are available

Free Char Transfers

Some are “horde only” transfers but I am not sure at what ratio they deem the imbalance to be somewhat unacceptable… 80% ?. There will have to be more added as people continue transferring off high population realms … they are the ones from the minority faction.


Name one alliance guild that has 6 raid groups and doing mandatory split runs. Olympus is falling apart as we speak and I can name two Horde guilds sending 600 + CHARACTERS into Molten Core every week.

Regardless if the Alliance are doing it that’s a huge point of error in that data collection that leads people to think there’s potentially way more unique users PvPing… from a PvE raid log.

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Free transfers aren’t going to do much when they’re dominant faction only.

These are people in groups of 40 living a life of luxury because they know they are essentially immortal. They roam around doing whatever they want freely. Rep farming, mat farming, questing, ganking, simply making it to a dungeon without dying once.

Why would anyone give that up without incentive?

Imo if you are a 60 and a member of the dominant faction, you get free epic mount if you xfer off server.

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In it’s simplest form, yea.

You could potentially give each faction a 55% share of the total server capacity, and when you reached 100% of the overall server cap, alternate players you let into the server.

I wouldn’t get much fancier than that, though.

Probably not.

So? It doesn’t have to be a perfect solution to the issue.

Keeping horde players in a queue while allowing alliance players through will

  1. serve to lessen the imbalance at that moment, since otherwise a bunch of extra horde players would be logged in, and more alliance players would be waiting in queue, AND

  2. Help encourage horde players to transfer.

That’s GOOD ENOUGH for this to be an effective solution.

Keeping the populations balanced has the effect of spreading players out, thus mitigating the effects of overpopulation somewhat. HOWEVER, reducing overall population density is not the goal of faction-specific queues.

Whether or not faction imbalances are a problem worthy of action is a different argument. I’m just talking about one of the ways you could mitigate imbalances if you do think they’re an issue.

First of all, I also play horde, and am thus subject to the same bias you are.

Secondly, it’s not up to me to prove or disprove your assertion.

So you know of an entire network of guilds, several of which field multiple raid teams.

Are you saying you know how many of those characters are alts? Because that’s the only relevant fact.

Only if you can demonstrate that one faction is showing more activity than the other.

Since you’re absolutely incapable of comprehending this, maybe read it back to yourself 10 times

Warcraftlogs is bad source data for a census on faction balance. Period.

Herod is around 61/39, and we have faction-specific free transfers open.

For sure, I personally think 60:40 in Alliance favor isn’t enough to save the average Alliance player from wpvp.

Horde fanboys should be encouraged to play alliance, and casuals should be encouraged to play PvE.

Before they click on ‘create character’. Not after.

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I comprehended and responded to it in multiple ways already. Maybe you should review my comments instead of making vague attempts at being snarky.

[citation needed]

Citation needed? Point made, you’re not even capable at this point.

Yes. If you’re going to make such an assertion, I’m going to need some kind of citation. Preferably not YOURSELF.

And rebutted above.

Not even a good troll.

The census is using Warcraftlogs. Warcraftlogs has no way to determine unique users and therefore is a poor source for any sort of population census. Some census are using Auction-house name pulls which are even worse for determining unique users on the server. Furthermore Warcraftlogs collects PvE raid logs and doesn’t demonstrate users likeliness to take part in World PvP.

You probably need a nap after that one

But this wouldn’t ensure balance. If there are 10k total players, each side gets 5k. However, if servers are 80:20, then there are 8000 Ally to 2000 Horde. Thus the 5k allocated to Alliance is filled and the Horde have 2k.

Yes, 5:2 may be “better” than the current ratios, but people will still encounter severe imbalance and now a larger portion of players can no longer play. Yes, we could offer transfers, but many haven’t taken them yet. Potentially this could reinforce people utilizing them, but the original concerns of “dead” servers or being on the minority faction may catalyze them to just remote in from work instead. Many may just queue skip at this point and disenfranchise those logging in organically.

Without mitigation of total population, the inbalance is still apparent. Even at 60:40, with mega servers this could easily result in 600 on 400. Better, yes, but people would still complain about PvP being imba and a large portion of players can no longer play at all.

Very valid!

I do agree, this is probably the most feasible of the proposed solutions; however, I would never vote for an option that punishes others for my disappointment of PvP servers (if I had it) because that was my choice to roll, or for Blizzard’s mega-server experiment. If it got to me, rather than tell someone else they have to wait to play because they ended up on a server with population skewed in their favor by happenstance, I’d reroll.

Lol… Ah… No… probably 60/40 . I’ve been leveling 57-60 since P2 hit and I see one alliance for every 6 horde that gank me.