Mass Multiboxers: What now?

well, there’s one blizzard…and 10,000 multiboxers.

I’m sure they’ll be back. Obviously there must have been some considerable money involved

Good, I hope they do know and can tell how it’s being done. That way nothing will happen :slight_smile:

As long as you aren’t using the input software you’re fine :man_shrugging:

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I think Multiboxers cost more subs than they are worth. People quit WoW because of them.


People quit wow because of the policy change too, people quit wow for all sorts of reasons :man_shrugging:


Option 3 seems to be the general opinion here. But don’t bother talking about it, they are deeply in denial.

Ya, you are misinterpreting this because you are a rabid Multiboxer with a skewed perspective.

An in-game macro is pretty limited, so that takes VM’s and Macro keyboards out of the equation.

You losers can do all the workarounds you want. Blizzard will still see the result, your multiple accounts casting spells at the same time.


No need to be insulting

I think you guys are the ones misunderstanding the ingame macro meaning :pensive:

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No change? yet the so called amateurs are the reason why its a problem now. So your post is basically contradicting yourself. Any normal player will notice this policy.

They should go play Everquest, multiboxing is a way of life and even botting is widespread and unofficially accepted.

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If people quit WoW because of multiboxers they might as well quit any and all MMO’s, they are in every game I’ve ever played

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Going to need some source on this.

Those doing multiboxing for actual professional purposes aren’t using keycloning software. Nor has Blizzard’s policy on multiboxing actually changed. Not contradicting anything.

And to tell you the truth, I don’t notice multiboxers now. I don’t expect any change in the future.

Old thread. People are using multiboxing software like isboxer for Ever Quest.

Are you sure about that? The policy change made it sounds like just the key mirroring software was banned. People have already found a way around it using macros, VM, and hardware tricks that are all legal.

Yes but this specifically pertains to “Truebox” servers as I mentioned. Those are especial servers where only 1 character is allowed. Its EQ version of saying Multiboxing, even alt tabbing is NOT allowed on this server.

Yes multi-boxing gold cap farmers, and profession abusers are absolutely using key cloning software. Even Blizzard seems to agree with this statement.

multiboxing is not banned. I can log into my 20 accounts from 5 different computers and keyboards and still press 5 keystrokes at same time then alt tab and do again and so on… every client will have it own keyboard so you will still get destroyed.

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the multiboxers this not the problem, the problem is a multiboxing tool or any tool wher you play with more character only with one button.

I already read well what Blizzard did, it seems to be correct, it is not bad to use a dual or multiboxing while you use the alt + tab and play with several characters at the same time in different windows, but it is bad if you use a tool, addons, scripts or bots that you use to play with several at the same time or send it to farm at the same time.

worse with the abuse in China, let’s not forget that this use happened a bit that in the end it is not because of the experience of the game that you ruin them for others and incidentally misuse the game just for your business.


Hopefully you mean like a numpad thing unless you have a lot of space for keyboards :rofl:

yea all keypads, but they still have keyboards as well. my setup is wild but there is no software installed, its not as fluent but will still destroy lots of players