March Over to the Trading Post for New Items!

As of right now, the Trading Post works. I got the new transmog for my evoker and it looks awesome. Thanks, Blizzard :hugs:

They should just let us pay gold for the items too as well as Chicken Tenders. (That’s what I call them, KFC’s version of the Mcnugget, someone must have been eating a box of them when they named the currency)

Completely optional part of the game is completely optional.

If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

haha constantly living in fear of being jumped by a drop bear or bitten by the thousands of spiders or snakes in the back yard is definitely the worst kind of living =P

all feb stuff is bugged and isnt showing up

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Basically. I’m just scanning waiting for at least a Blizz post to say that they’re aware and figuring out how to fix.



The Stable Hand lies to people and says there is a new mount each month,

except there is not…

Why does a in game NPC lie to us???

Very disappointed


I wonder what the issue is; all of the February items I bought are still in my collection.

looks really empty for the mage players, i like the clown mog tho

I pay the $15 a month just like everyone and have a right a voice an opinion. Trust me, not buying this garbage. Thanks captain obvious.

All I wanted to know is why there was no mount. WHEN THERE IS AN IN GAME NPC - Called the Stable Master - who says a new one will come in each month.

Text from the NPC states:

"Every month new and exotic mounts and creatures arrive in the Trading Post.

You can see some of what the Seabraids have to offer right here."

The stable is empty lol…

AND the only creature or animal even available this month - is called a Pandaren Monk

LAME and False Advertising …


Last month I would get the message that I “completed the optional questlines on the Waking Shores” almost every time I logged in on any character. This month I’ve yet to get the points to count for “completing all optional questlines on the Ohn’aran Plains”, even though I know I’ve done it, I have the Sojourner achievement, and I logged in on the character that completed them.

I’m also not sure about the task to “obtain a toy that gets you lookin’ good”. I have all but 2 of those toys. Do I have to go hunting for those hardest-to-obtain toys while someone who never bothered will go and pick one treasure in Revendreth and get the achiev to count? Doesn’t seem fair.

If you have one of them, use it maybe? I got it automatically when I logged in. However, to get the related achievements, you need to have the toy activated, like the parasol, then complete whatever it says. The ones that require the Onyx Glare reducers require you to actually wear the physical item.

Sad about no Magenta Cloud Serpent this month. I hope it shows up soon, it’s the mount I want the most.

The midnight cloaks are very nice, and the hailstorm recolor too. The treasure chest will go great with the pirate set from last month.

Glad I saved most of the currency from last month. Some of these sets really need to be cheaper though. That plate set being 850 feels like way too much.

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One of the achievements isn’t doing something while wearing it - it literally just says “obtain”. And I did try using the Countess’s Parasol earlier, but it didn’t count.

Calm down before you give yourself a heart attack. Just save your tender for when a mount does pop up.


There can be only one reason…

It’s an agent of the old gods.


As someone that had the Celestial Steed before the Trading Post came out and is a mount collector I would like to see more mounts in the vendor it seems a little unfair to mount collectors to have a pet each month on the vendor but mounts only get every other month assuming there is one coming in April.

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I tried to /flex while physically wearing the glare reducers and I didn’t get credit. I’m also someone who lost all of my February transmog items, so who knows just how bugged my game is.

I’m going to be real fam, Between…

World content
Trading posts
Auction houses
No auction houses
No professions
Fancy cinematics
No fancy cinematics
Good story
bad story
no story

Is there something that raiders wont bloody complain about?

It’s a literal non-issue mate.

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