March Over to the Trading Post for New Items!

There will be a complaint when it hits on a Monday,Tuesday,Thurs,Fri etc too… trust me. :laughing:

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Yay a picture of the chest and the treasure goblin! I was not even thinking of horde, heh. I admit I am a filthy Alliance player for the most part.

There was a pretty decent sized thread made last night when it was announced by someone who is rather excited. Lots of other folks are too.

It seems to be the sort of thing people either love or hate. I personally think it is very different than most other WoW models and am glad they did it. Nice to see something that is not just a recolor of something we have seen a lot. I don’t know that I will WEAR it, but I am glad it exists and will be getting it.


I’m Australian and so it’s the 2nd for me. People live outside of the US. It’s also the 2nd day of the ‘WoW’ week so it makes less sense to do it that way.

Right, but if you’re playing on the US realms operating on US time zones, it is you that needs to bend, not the platform.


Technically my servers run on Oceanic time =P But yes I understand. I still think it’s poorly implimented rather than just doing it after every 4 resets rather than specifically the first day of the month. But that’s just me.

Like I said I know you have the whole month to do it so no rush. However at the same time if you want it done faster it pays to just not play on reset day lol

Yo, my frozen item from last month isn’t available. What gives?

Really not a fan of the Harlequin Outfit, it’ll be collecting dust with the Sprite Darter set. Grats to people who do enjoy it though, I suppose.

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Over time, 1st of the month is going to be much more easy to remember than every fourth reset.

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Reminds me of that Sega Saturn game Nights.


im surprised the box worked as intended and got my set

Yeah, not sure if it’s intended to be invisible or if it’s supposed to have tattoos like the set from BFA islands.


You don’t have to remember every 4th reset. There is a quest that ironically comes out on weekly reset day that directs you back to the trading post, before the trading post has begun the next cycle. So it makes more sense to have the trading post available when that quest becomes active, not the day after.

I love the Darkmoon Harlequin’s Bells!

There is nothing but Tmogs …wtf…has this game turned into

No mounts, nothing cool


Ok I think you’re wrong. You seem intent on getting the last word in, so please do so, and we can consider this dead horse beaten to death.

Great awesome new items for March. Can I have my February items back that were removed from my collections? Oh and the mount that I can’t use anymore? That’d be great. I didn’t realize it was a rent-a-clothes feature.


Haven’t logged in yet. What’s this about? Sounds like some February items disappeared.

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is living outside the US really living though?


:upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really like the look of the jester helm, but is the dragonrider recolor intentionally lacking a chest piece? Totally imagined golden body paint for that one would have been rad but its a no show, literally.

How is responding to you intent on getting the last word in? There was a quest when I logged in the morning of weekly reset that directed me to the trading post for the new rewards, however the new rewards were not available. That’s all I’m saying. Why not just activate the new rewards on reset day rather than delay it to the first of the month?