Map pools removed (good change)

blades edge isn’t on any of the enigma map weeks or the ashmanes weeks

this is such an insanely good change

almost willing to forgive blizzard for this last week if they nerf ret a little more


My theory is that they saw a notable drop in participation on Blade’s Edge week. :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


Good riddance, and nerfing judge dispel + sanc and sac would probs be a good next step imo.

even a 50% modifier on the 1 minute sac talent would go a long way
90 seconds on a 30% partner wall is still CRACKED

Oh absolutely no argument there lol. It’s pretty absurd.

almost preferred map pools just because i’d only get blades edge 1 in 3 weeks


Just remove the talent that reduces it by 1min and force everyone to take recompense instead

Thank god.

i would play blade’s edge any day of the week instead of playing the new map

words cannot describe how much i hate how many areas there are for my teammates to line me in RSS

Just remove Blade’s Edge, IMO. I’ve never heard anyone say ‘I love this map.’

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look at this lucky guy who’s never had to interact with a warlock player before


It’s actually an inside joke with my social group because the one Warlock main said he hated that map once. lol


kick Ruins of Lordaeron too

That’s because literally no one likes the map.

It used to be fun as a Warlock but now, I don’t know. You need to be able to pillar as a Warlock in this meta and it’s near impossible on that map. The Z-axis isn’t as helpful anymore either since melee have 700 gap closers