Many quests are impossible to complete without Chromie Time

I decided to do a little questing in Northrend to re-acquaint myself with the lore, and I came across a quest that requires weakening an enemy, then using a quest item on them. As I’m an Evoker, I obliterate everything in one shot, rendering this quest and many others impossible.

I get that the dev management doesn’t care about old world quests, but they’re a big draw for me. It would be nice to extend Chromie scaling to max-level players who are looking for a bit more challenge, or even to be able to complete quests in the first place.


The solution to your problem is to use the Soft Foam Sword toy on the mobs you need to weaken without killing.

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Ooh, thanks a bunch! This is just what I needed.

I do still hope they offer some kind of high-level questing support in the future though, even if it’s as simple as blanket scaling.

It is currently possible to do what you’re describing by joining a party with a character below max level, and enabling “party-sync”. It would be a fun thing to scale old content for a solo max level character too, but it’s currently not possible.

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