Mankrik Killed His Wife. Change My Mind

Zone- The Barrens
Quest- Lost In Battle

Mankrik was the last witness to see his wife alive. He could’ve been injured by his wife. No Bristleback bodies were found near his wife.


We’ll find out soon enough. She’s confirmed to interact with us in the Shadowlands.

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I heard she was cheating on him with a tauren(super high ranking official), thinking she was a size queen. And after the first time she cheated, she never got to again. She thought she could handle it, but she couldnt. The walk of shame killed her. Honestly from what they say at Camp T, its amazing she was able to walk as far as she did. And no one wants to let Mankrik know his wife was cheating on him.


Heard of someone say this before. It’s interesting. There is no Bristleback for several miles from where she died so yeah suspicious. What happens in Barrens stays in Barrens.


It was raptors. Just look at the marks on her. No knife made those marks.

Where is Mankirk’s Wife?

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I’m not going to say that aliens did it but there is no evidence that it wasn’t aliens.


She got crit by a chuck Norris joke and died.


I saw it happened, before the Horde decided to attack Ashenvale, Mankrik’s wife was with a Male NE, he caught them both in the act, and killed them both.

The male NE was my brother…And I KILLED HIM for it.

I always thought it would be cool if this theory was true and that eventually you would go on a long quest chain and eventually fight Mankrik as a boss in a dungeon or something like that. Kind of like how Gamon finally had enough.

It was Barrens Chat that killed her.

typical women!!!

male night elf only like other men tho… theres no other possibility

I think that’s just an Elf thing in general, but realized quickly that I was mistaken, man lovin is entirely a night elf thing, because there are no male blood elves.



Who cares about Orc scum? Go back to your Draenor!

That’s a Horrible stereotype, you racist and sexist gnome. Go back to gnomergan and turn into a trogg.

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Bristleback and Orcs look very similar being very pig like so there’s that can be done to confuse the detectives