Managing Venge Retreat

Been playing quite a bit of Havoc DH this season and while I think I’ve done pretty well the one thing I’m struggling with is Venge Retreat for initiative buff. How do some of y’all manage that? I try playing around with it for a little bit but often times I just give up and get lazy because it takes a bit more brainpower than really anything else in the rotation for me.

Do you mean like when to use it in the rotation or how to use it?

For every meta window you eyebeam-Essence Break-Death Sweep-VR-Metamorphisis as soon as you VR-death sweep .
Without meta you Eyebeam-Venegful retreat behind enemy/pack as you channel eyebeam-fel rush in with unbound chaos, essence break, and then death sweep.

If you mean how try turning around and walking further up a little bit before you venegeful retreat so you dont fly to far back. Its stupid but this is how the dev wants it so you either adapt or quit.

*Edit: You also get a Vengeful retreat in between every Essence Break because VR’s CD is 20 seconds and Essence break is 40 so just use that one on Cd and everything should line up.

You should VR through mobs before EB but above post in right for the most part. I use on CD since Eye Beam and EB line up. Should hold for meta window if 6secs or less left on CD I believe.