Man found dead waiting in queue for WoW Classic

And every server that was available launch day has massive queues… so what are you on about kid?

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LOL This is Gold! Thanks guys for laughs!

I’ve never waited in a queue. Bloodsail was opened day one. So no-queue servers are available if you wanted to be on one. It’s your choice to stay in queue.

Avast ye matey not everyone wants to be a pirate.


That’s funny sir. I did exactly what you said. Waited until Incendius came up right at launch to create my character specifically heeding the advice of blizzard.

Guess what? There’s still 5000+ queues starting at 3PM in the afternoon.

Please tell me what I did wrong? Please?

OP doesn’t remember that.

OP should have remembered that though.


Do you have the news link?

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Man found dead posting repeated threads about Que lengths. Seems like he was found trying to start another thread on it. He just should have called his mom instead.

Not all people read the forums we did not now know how over crowded our server would be. We got in and went hardcore. I am currently 22 with several guild members / friends around the same area. Most of us are okay with switching servers if we could get our names and not have to start all over, but we are not given an option to do that. Most of us would even be okay with paying to switch, however, we do not want to loose our progress or names.

I am currently using teamviewer on my phone to place myself in queue around 1:30pm I get home from work around 5:30 pm. I am able to eat dinner shower and what not and usually lets me into the game sometime around 7:00 pm.

Blizzard needs to give people a better option then just starting all over and loosing names. I know a few people that decided to reroll servers like suggested only to have queue times on the new server. I think they need to come up with a method to split the larger servers into 2 new ones and give every one a one time option to choose witch one they want to be on like herod 1 or herod 2, then rename the servers.

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And people did move to those servers and are still in queue? I don’t know why you idiots keep bringing this up like it hasn’t been said a million times.

How is this “logic”? Are you braindead? A ton of us DID move and still got stuck in huge queues.

Yes I do remember which is why I rerolled on a new server at 1PM when they allowed us to. So far 2 queues since launch, nothing unbearable (15min~). Woot!

You wanted the classic experience. This is part of that experience.

You wanna know what I remember?

I remember Blizz telling me this verbatim:

That’s what I remember. Followed closely by a 15k queue on Stalagg. :thinking:

Yup, So I listened, three time. still queue’s

Ohhhh, I ‘member!

Leave the server.

Solve the problem youself instead of waiting for someone else to solve your problem.

There is no que on smolderweb.

Or they can start over on the same sever that let you instantly play. The time friends and family spents in queue will be completely made up for in the new instant playable server.

Unless…friends and family are stupid and think other people would leave. Friend and family could also not work and play all the time in which case. You would never be catching up anyway.

If you want to remain on a heavily populated server? Then it is your fault and no one elses. Not even blizzards.

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Server queues fixed!

People moved, still queues, need transfers.