Mal'ganis <Dusk to Dawn> 10/11H & 3/11M SFO / RT: 12pm - 2am on Tues,Wed,Thur. LF Raiders!

“Dusk to Dawn” is currently LF Ranged DPS & 1 Healer for our Mythic Team in 9.2. We have a chill guild setting, with the goal of getting CE. We raid T/W/Th 11pm-1am Server time aka 9pm to 11pm PST . Currently 10/11H & 3/11M @ SFO. PST for more info.

Contact through bnet @ Imintheworld#1201
or on Discord @ Devil#9780

My pp grew 5 inches when I joined this guild, yours will too.

Great group. Fun and friendly atmosphere to down some content with.

Bump one time for the boys and girls.

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Glory, glory to old Georgia, and to Hell with Alabama.

Bump, looking for a few more raiders to round off our mythic roster for 9.2

Still need some range dps, where you guys at?

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      Dusk to Dawn @ Mal’Ganis is a long standing guild that is looking for new blood to fill out our roster. We have a skilled roster but the roster boss is what is slowing us down, due to the state of the game. We have a laid back raid atmosphere but know when to turn on the “focus” button when needed.

We are willing to gear out people just coming back to the game that can show logs from other raids that look promising. As a guild we run alot of Mythic plus and alt Heroic SOD runs. Very alt friendly guild. We mostly play late night due to life. Very friendly guild with the average age of around 28.
We need any exceptional ranged DPS, also an Enh Shammy. We are open to bringing on Tanks and Healers if 1 of our main raiders was willing to swap positions for you. Also if we feel that you are good enough to fill up that role in their spot.

Like the title says we raid for 2 hours tues, wed, and thurs @ 12pm to 2am EST.

If you have any other questions or would like to talk more about possibly joining us you can contact me in game at ImIntheWorld#1201 or through Discord @ Devil#9780

These guys are fun to play with :slight_smile:

Got some new blood in just need a few more drops

You know how it be.

12pm-2am? 14 hour raid nights hell yeah.

Just curious if yall are still looking for dps?

Good progression guild 2/11M 10/11H ~6% jailer QQ

bump one time for your boys

Frost Mage 10/11H and 3/11M
raid times would work great for me too.