(Mal'Ganis) 455 Havoc lf Guild

Returning player here looking for an early’ish raiding guild, ending at 9pm cst would be ideal.

I have plenty of past raiding experience, just trying to get back into it.


Lok’tar, Jakjub,

Cinder and Ash - Mal’ganis Horde raids Fri/Sat 7-10 central, so we’re a little past your ideal. We’re 11/12H and will get AOTC in the coming week.


Sorry for the late reply, and yeah that is a little late for me. Thanks anyway!

We’re working on forming a raid team if you’d like to join us for the early stages; it’s right in your preferred time! :slight_smile: [H] <FoxForce> LFM players!

That sounds good, but what exactly are your raid times?