Mal'Ganis 416 Holy Priest Looking for Mythic Prog Guild

Hello I am Meng, and I’m in my friend’s guild who got me into WoW, but they all quit until next patch after we get AotC. I want to try and progress mythic because I enjoy raiding. I’ve pugged 1st two bosses on Mythic and would like to experience the rest of them. I’ve dabbled in disc, but I am not that comfortable on it in a raid environment, so I would not expect me to blast immediately if the swap is necessary for the encounter.

Hey let’s chat about this! Be great to talk to you!
Raise Hale Praise Dale, is a newly formed guild on Area-52 Horde, composed of IRL friends with AOTC experience this season. Looking to recruit for our raid team across the board so all classes are welcome! Raid times are Friday and Saturday 8PM - 11PM EST. We also do M+ through the week and love to joke around and have fun. As we said we are new so reach out to us and we can make time for you! Feel free to reach out via
B-tag or Discord.
Discord Cowboy#3162, Korey#1583, MadKing#7134
B-tag Hayden#12826, MadKing#11795

8/8H 3/8M T/W 830 EST to 12am on Mal’Ganis would love to chat add my discord ND#0891

2/8 M 8/8 H Guild really in need of a holy priest, would love to chat with you and see if we’d be the right fit for you! Add me on discord Nutty#8805 if interested!

Hey there! Bold may be a good fit!
—About Us—
Formed on March 19, 2022, we are a fairly new Guild that has built a very active, fun, friendly, yet solid raiding environment. We are pushing for Cutting-Edge in Dragonflight but we are not trying to be ultra-hardcore about it. We believe that you can still achieve such progress while still having a fun time doing it. We do not want to burn people out on the game, kill the fun and enjoyment, or anything like that but we do need to maintain a high standard for our raiders. With frequent log reviews, open discussions about strategies, and a welcoming environment, it’s easy to integrate and be a part of the success! We also believe that everyone should get a fair chance to prove themselves. We are very transparent with trials (and even after passing and becoming Core) about performance, both in DPS/HPS and mechanics, so you know exactly what you need to work on. That all being said, though, we will bench and remove problem people as it becomes necessary. We look for people who care, are passionate, and take initiative. We also value your feedback to help make our team and our Guild a better place!

Outside of raids, we are very active and run plenty of keys. We have some people who like to PvP (though, not something we currently organize as a Guild but want to one day), do key sales, or just chat in Guild or in Discord. We’re very much focused on creating a vibrant and thriving community so raid logging is not an issue here!
We have THREE teams in our Guild. Two of them are Mythic/CE focused while our third is AOTC focused. Feel free to add the GM/RL below to inquire about the others!

We have THREE teams in our Guild. Two of them are Mythic/CE focused while our third is AOTC focused. Feel free to add the GM/RL below to inquire.

The Weekday team is CE focused on Tues/Wed from 8:30-11:30est and Thurs from 9-11 est. The Weekend team is also CE focused on Sat / Sun from 8:30-11:30 est, and the AOTC focused group is on Friday and Saturday from 8:30-11:30 est.

Currently raids are WD: 4/8M, WE: 3/8M, and FS: 5/8H.

—Not a Raider?—

We welcome all to join as socials, casuals, key runners, etc. There’s a place for everyone! Just message anyone in-game, apply in-game, or add a B-tag below!

—Can’t Commit/Raid Yet?—

If you are interested in raiding with us but are currently not ready for any reason, you can join as a Prospective Raider. Not being ready can be anything from not being geared enough, still leveling, being unable to commit to the schedule yet, etc. Once your situation changes, then we can begin a trial based on team needs. Obviously, spots aren’t going to be reserved until you’re ready, so keep that in mind!

—Basic Requirements—

18+ years old.
Commitment to all days (for whichever team you inquire about).
Active and run keys.
Willing to learn, improve, and take constructive criticism.
Always come to raid prepared.
Cross-realm/faction trialing is acceptable, but you are required to transfer and join once you pass your trial. No exceptions

—Contact (B-Tags)—

GM/RL: Jäger#11356 - All inquiries
Recruitment Officer: Reluctor#1255 - CE focused inquires
FS Raid Lead: VictoriaKins#1971 - AOTC focused inquires

Hi Meng,

Need I Say More is 4/8M 8/8H and currently looking to recruit a Holy Priest. We raid Wednesday and Thursday from 8-11 PM EST. If you’re looking for a relaxed two-day raiding guild that strives to get CE, we might be a great fit!

Feel free to reach back out, or add me on Discord for more information: Casualraider#1470

We’d take you in if you’re still looking for guild.
guild is small, but dedicated to fill a solid roster for raid, planning on getting aotc then mythic. Led by aotc and 2/8M lead
raidtimes are Tue/Thr 7:30 pm to 11 est.
Here’s a link to the forum recruitment post if you wanna check that out

add on discord for more : TAL#3021