[Malaysia] Wow launcher cant get connected,


Same here, can you open the battle.net website? Mine times out as well on my browser.


cant open as well…


Same here. Battle .net app cant log in, and battle.net website doesent work. I guess we gotta wait it out


Same here been trying my friend as well. Hope they are aware that their launcher is down



i googled that error and have done the ipconfig steps. still no go.
this is very frustrating being unable to play during sunday.

when i clicked on the launcher error code, the link is broken as well.
“The connection has timed out”.

meaning ur battle.net is down. there is no internet problem over here. i can go any other website.

please respond.

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Thanks for your reports, everyone! This looks like there may be connection issues for Malaysia that we’ll want to gather information on. Could each of you provide the following:

  • Region & ISP:
  • WinMTR test to IP/Host us.actual.battle.net

9/7/2019 Server Issues
I can't log in

region is Kuala Lumpur, ISP is TMnet.

the link you provide cant be accessed “Connection lost”

i downloaded an MTR from sourceforge, copy and pasted host and clicked start.
there is no output at all.

tested youtube.com on the address and clicked start, there is output.


Region : Selangor , Malaysia
ISP : TMnet


I’m seeing a similar issue however if you right click on the bnet icon if it’s pinned to your taskbar it may show all of the games and Tasks (tabs). I selected WoW and was able to log into retail. Not sure if that’s because it’s the last version I played or if it defaults to retail before Classic when launching the game this way. If this is working then probably can go to the game’s root folder and launch from the Wow.exe directly.
C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft_retail_\Wow.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft_classic_\Wow.exe

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Thanks, @Siuleilodau. Does the link work when switching it to the EU region? Click here.

Let’s try gathering a Looking Glass test as well to check on what’s happening from us to you if that may provide any data. If the US looking glass does not work, the EU looking glass may work. Change the region before running the test!

9/7/2019 Server Issues

all link you provide does not work.
“The connection has timed out”

please copy paste instruction into this forum.


Had to use a VPN to even get to this post. None of the Battle net websites seem to load from Malaysia.


extra info:
i am already using and as my dns setting for my pc before the issue start. IPv6 disabled, only using IPv4.

what is the instruction you want me to test? its been an hour, i cant spend my sunday like this.


Mexico, TotalPlay

Battle. net is down for everyone using my ISP (confirmed by tweets from people all over the country). Cant acces us.battle.net or eu.battle.net - also cant login into the game or the battle.net launcher. Connection timed out.


I can access this forums but not battle.net sites. Especially not the Launcher :frowning:


Same country, same ISP, same problem :frowning:


any update please. found what is the problem? still struggling? anything is better than nothing.

i will even setup a teamviewer for u guys to test it out if u want.


Any update?


Im in Vietnam and I can only connect through mobile. Blizzard app is dead like 10 hours


And they are like no update, no announcement for hours. Thanks you ruin my day Blizzard’s tech team