Making an alt banking guild

Hey so I’ve been trying to make a guild to use for my alts as banking. I’ve seen heaps of other people do it so I thought it was a good idea and it’s much easier. How do I get people to sign my charter because no one wants to and I just need their signature for a second then they can leave

Yeah, that can be one of the more problematic aspects of setting up a serious bank alt. You can try Trade Chat (in which case, I’ve seen people try to grease the wheels with a few hundred gold), but that can take several days of standing around in chat begging for people to join. Posting here in the forums for your server was a novel concept to me though.

Tell you what, here’s my btag: Anindorc#1255. I main Horde, but hit me up and I’ll switch over to a fresh Alli alt to sign your charter. I’m usually able to be online on the weekends in particular.

[edit] Another (and probably the best) method to set up a bank alt with a guild bank would be to wrangle any friends/guildies you may have in WoW to create alts to sign your charter.


As of now I finally found some people to help me make it, thank you though :slight_smile: