Making a deposit hold for special crafts

You just get a crafting order for a couple toxic gear pieces. You used your last cauldron on the order before & have to go to Brackenhide to craft. You tell the person(s) that only wants to pay 3k for craft. (:I) “I have to go make it.” FAST FORWARD… You just kill the last boss walking up to the alter to find that person(s) canceled the order(s) and you spent 15-30+ mins of you life for nothing.
To negate this going forward there needs to be a deposit (HOLD) amount associated with special alter orders if they continue this going forward. Adding to this there should be a time associated with it as well. Give the crafter certain time period to finish the craft so, to protect both parties.

You can already hold an order for 30 minutes, and the customer cannot cancel that order. Also you might want to consider holding a mythic lockout and extending it every week. Turns it into ~a 3-5 minute jaunt.

What the Lady said, gotta hit start! That feature is in place precisely for the scenario you described.

Or they could just not put special crafting tables at the end of instances. They learned that lesson back in BC but seem to have forgotten in favor of reintroducing the least appropriate elements of classic to retail.


Yes, we all know that, but it only limits it to HOLD ONE craft. I’m sorry but I’m not taking 30 mins for one craft. I don’t touch toxic unless I have 2 orders at least. So, unless there is an option to hold more than one crafting order, I might have missed I have never held more than one crafting order myself.

Like I said in the quoted post, consider holding and extending a m0 lockout with the bosses killed. If you zone in by yourself, it has an instance with no trash, no bosses, and all the gates unlocked so you can just run up to the altar. Other than using a putrescence cauldron and pricing that into your commission, it’s the best way to do decay orders. Just timed it and it took me 3 minutes and 34 seconds to get from the table in valdrakken to the decay altar.

Also I’ve found customers are far less likely to cancel both orders if you have one of them held.

So lets run that scenario, customer has 2 toxic orders to get done, for 3k total? You hit start on one of them, then proceed to BH and the altar. Upon arrival, you craft the order that is locked only to discover that he canceled the other and you get less than 3k?

Lets see, two orders and you want to secure them… Have him make the 2 orders, one for 30g and the other for 2970g, hit start on the 2970g one to lock it and voila. If he wants to cancel the 30g he is welcome to it but you get the lion’s share still.

To be fair, at 3k Id leave him to his screaming in trade but that is me.

Yeah, charge a higher price for your inconvenience, or use a cauldron. I get about a 23% premium on decay orders, despite not charging extra for them, because people will tip more on the 463 and 476 versions, and there’s a much higher prevalence of over-tipping on 486 guarantees (I imagine because they get whispers for exorbitant prices and think I might be a little cheap, but I’ve never tried to look that gift horse in the mouth.)

Thanks for the tip