Make Wild Pets Immune to Dragonrider's Initiative?

Frustrating to be flying around on your dragon and see a pet you want to battle only to kill it by AOE damage when you land too close to it.


Well, I know that Unborn Val’kyr, when used as a companion, often resurrects dead critters. I wonder if . . .

It’s been my observation that the current Dev Team enjoys annoying the players. You may just have to learn to land outside the AoE of Dragonrider’s Initiative.

And how are you seeing these pets…my pet addon’s are not showing me any display of what pets are in each zone yet…

The default mini map has a filter that shows battle pets on it. That’s how I see them.


Can you swap to the other one?

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Yes, you can freely swap between them.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I know but I’m suggesting the OP swap to the other while battlepetting

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