Make Visions soloable

I do not want to need an iLevel of 500 in order to solo a vision. My sanity runs out trying to kill mobs which of course get increasingly harder each time you go in. I cannot get my cloak past level 4 because I have to loot a book far off in the zone and THEN kill the boss, and that is impossible for a single person to do.

I have no guild. No one accepts a 455 iLevel into anything, so I am stuck for good.

Why FORCE people to party up with others? That is ridiculous.

You get the book off the boss.

That is not what the quest says in Orgrimmar. It puts the circle for the book elsewhere. After you get level 4, the book does not drop off the boss unless it doesn’t give it to me out of the chest at the end.

Damn must be a hotfix

You are supposed to get a book from a disciple of N’Zoth, but he is stuck on a roof and will not come down. You cannot attack him. There is no way to get to it.

This game is pointless if no one can solo anything at-level.