Make Vicious Saddles sellable on the AH

(Yveltäl) #1

I have been swimming in these things ever since wod can you please make another use for them or make them sellable on AH.

(Fallynn) #2

This isn’t something I’d mind, actually. They’re not that hard to get, just takes a while. And the mounts aren’t exactly exclusive or rare. It’d give PvPers a way to make money. It’s also not like itd decrease rarity as it’d either be the one who earned it’s mount or the one they sold it to.

(Marakurta) #3

I’d certainly buy them off you, haven’t been feeling the pvp scene this expac at all.

(Yveltäl) #4

Preach it brothers!

(Syegfryed) #5

This could be a incentive to PVP, like people could work for those mounts then get a bit of gold

i honestly don’t mind, but i don’t know if it will work

(Melithiria) #6

Eh… I could see this working.

Obligatory “OP is a Pokémon”.

(Yveltäl) #7

No im flying bacon

(Melithiria) #8

Only the shiny version.

(Revolutionx) #9

uugghhhhh why?

worst idea ever.

not exactly a good way to get more pvp involvement…

Edit: why am I even responding to this…

(Marakurta) #10


I came into this expecting to froth with rage and snark but I kinda agree. :man_shrugging:


Might as well, it’s not like you have to really work for much anymore anyway.


I would say “I’d buy one” but they’d probably be out of my price range since I don’t farm gold anymore. lol