Make Trick Shots activate against 2 targets

There is no sensible reason to keep the 3 target minimum. It would not even be particularly great 2-target cleave let alone overpowered. It’s not intuitive for newer players and it seems to me a lot of time is wasted coming up with workarounds like the tier set instead of just going for the obvious, simple, permanent solution.

If you’re going to double down on such a seemingly inexplicable decision at least have the decency to explain it…

EDIT: Chimera Shot does NOT fix it:


Support this, when we lose current tier, not being able to cleave 2 targets will be pain, make it so Blizz.


Its hilarious that their feedback so far has been, not only no but also, no chimera shot as well

If Blizzard believes Chimera Shot is a solution, it isn’t.

Chimera Shot’s cleave was significantly nerfed during the Shadowlands beta due to a legendary design that didn’t make it to Shadowlands launch. The original Serpentstalker’s Trickery caused Aimed Shot cleaves to shoot 3 Arcane Shots out in AoE. When specced into Chimera Shot this was extremely strong burst cleave. So they nerfed Chimera Shot, but then they reworked SST into what it is now while keeping the Chimera Shot nerf.

Secondly, Arcane Shot was buffed during Shadowlands but this didn’t affect Chimera Shot. So it’s effectiveness has fallen further behind.


Chimaera Shot isn’t being removed, it’s being moved to the MM tree. We will still have our wonderfully mediocre 2 target cleave option.

Chimaera Shot is currently 65% of AP on 2 targets in DF. Arcane Shot is 62.7% on one target. Any talents buffing Arcane Shot will also buff Chimaera Shot.

I’d still like 2 target Trick Shots (maybe procced from Chimaera Shot only?), but Blizz has been really consistent on this since BfA launch and I doubt they are going to change their minds.


I never understood why we can get the Trick Shots effect with Volley on 2 targets (or even 1 target), but not Multi-Shot.

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To me, this would make MM 2 target way more fun and convenient. After the tier set goes, the 2 target rotation will go back to basically being the single target rotation but with multi shot instead of arcane.

Maybe just update heavy ammo in the tree to read something like “Trick shots now triggers on two targets and does 25% more damage but hits 2 fewer targets.” That way the options are light ammo - 3 target hits up to 8 or heavy ammo - activates on 2 targets hits up to 3.

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I mained MM Hunter in Legion, when Marked Shot was a thing, and I loved it. I quit MM in BFA when this miserable Trick Shot mechanic was introduced. I just came back to MM in S3 when the tier allowed 2 target cleave again. Did Blizzard ever during the last 4 years give a reason why trick shot doesn’t work for 2 targets ? for me it makes no sense. MM is the only class that can’t attack 2 targets correctly. For that we should be a ST god, which we aren’t.


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All you do is complain about how bad the game is. Either quit or go touch grass.

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the only thing i ever complain about in wow is the removal of ranged survival hunters. everything else is just observations. so shows how much you know. nice original whining though. do you copy paste that comment on every thread you visit? /golfclap