Make phase shift 3 seconds

1 second of phase shift seems pretty silly. Give us three seconds, pretty please. I mean if shamans can burrow for what … 5 seconds? Tranquility immunity is how long? Cacoon? Three seconds doesn’t sound like I’m asking for much.


they were originally only going to give us 0.5 seconds of phase shift. you can’t make this stuff up.


And with phase shift using the icon of Spectral Guise, it’s so clear this Phase Shift is a poor man’s Spectral Guise. It’s like they are doing just enough to spark some hope only to slap you aside the head and say just kidding!

Like why can’t it just be the old Spectral Guise? Because you can use it in sooo many useful situations, and priests can’t have fun toys like that.

It’s astonishing how much we need some things only to get only a slight lick of its potential or nothing at all.

The day we see Spectral Guise is the day I will actually have hope for an actual thoughtful and involved class/spec design.


Even with 1 second I’m taking it. Got ganked by a marks hunter yesterday and faded the first tick of his rapid fire and immuned the whole channel, seems like it’s useful to me.

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3 seconds on a 20s CD would be Greater Fade again with half the cooldown.

1 second is good if you press at the right time.


3 seconds was too much , 1 second is good , it just requires awareness and has a pretty high skill cap.

If you have a hard time getting good value out of it take driven to madness instead.

I’ve had multiple 2v2 games I’ve been able to phase shift a kidney shot, so it’s definitely good. Just got to practice how and when to use it.

It’s not a defensive CD it’s more along the lines of a spell reflect or an interrupt

If that’s what they’re going for, it should at least be 2 seconds.
But really, I just want greater fade back.

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Can someone explain how the timing works?

So if I want to avoid a casted spell like Chaos Bolt, do I press Phase Shift just before the cast finishes? Can I immune the spell by pressing Phase Shift just before the Chaos Bolt actually hits me?

In the air → going to hit

Unless it’s shadow meld / vanish then it’s damage is negated when in the air.

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I don’t know why they downgraded us from greater fade to budget greater fade.


Phase Shift is a requirement for priest because you have no mobility and you need a reliable way to avoid CC (that you can’t SW: Death) from those who do.

1 second works a decent amount of the time assuming perfect timing, but 2 seconds is honestly about right. 3 seconds is honestly on the OP side especially since you can get Fade down to 20 seconds and Fade already removes slows and reduces damage if talented.

On paper Phase Shift lasts a full second, but in practice you have to pop it half a second early and you only get about half a second of protection anyway. I can’t tell you how many times I have popped it RIGHT AS the CC hits, and I still get CC’d and it puts Fade on cooldown. So you have to at least err on the side of popping it a half-second before you anticipate being hit.

So in practice, you really only have a single global of CC avoidance anyway if it lasts 2 seconds.

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It’s arguably better than Greater Fade because you can use it more than twice as often. You just need to practice the timing.

And that’s how things should be. Mechanics like this should have to be applied skillfully for great value. Greater Fade was far too lenient with its 3 second window.

I like how the consensus seems to be that 3 seconds is too much and how we need to rise to the skill cap. But shamans, let them burrow for 5 seconds with a speed buff and have grounding for three seconds, six with totemic recall.


Because talents and abilities don’t exist in a vacuum. Shadow Priests have access to Dispersion, a 75% damage reduction usable while cc’d that grants movement speed and restores % health over 5 seconds. And Holy Priests have Ascension and Spirit of the Redeemer.

Let’s not pretend that Phase Shift is the only defensive ability a priest has access to.

Let’s also not pretend that Shamans don’t have other defensives.

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