Make Moonglade Great Again

Moonglade guards should auto attack non-Druids.
There’s no good reason for a Rogue to be chilling in Moonglade, he is clearly up to no good.


This would be hilarious! I used to think in Vanilla the Moonglade guards were difficult to kill. The few times I pvp’d around them if they got me I’d get beat down. Now I cry a little at there L55. Although on my server most people just pass through Moonglade. The most I get is a silly emote.

i kill everyone who doesnt belong in moonglade

Thanks for all the love! and honor

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But that would make it impossible for non-Druids to do the Reliquary quests.

Got my eye on you champ.

tell the other druids I say hi

long time no see

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Would be funny if all druids were considered the same faction and could attack both horde and alliance, but not other druids while in Moonglade.

However, there’s a few quests that take other classes there.

Yeah unfortunately there is quests for non druids to go there, so that is a bad idea. Sounds like you just got ganked and came here to complain about it.

There are also vendor items that can only be purchased in moonglade

Part of the challenge for non-druids should be overcoming the guards then.

KEEP MOONGLAD GREAT (and non-druid free)

I kill druids in Moonglade frequently. It is the way of nature for the strong to prey in the weak. True druids approve of this.

As an Undead (mage, but really class doesn’t matter for the point), it felt very strange having a quest to go to Moonglade and be welcomed by the Cenarion Circle.

But, perhaps one of the things that made Moonglade great to begin with was that it welcomed all from Azeroth, regardless of race or class, so long as you share in the vision of completing quests, and work towards the shared goal of increasing reputation.

Forget that hippie mumbo jumbo, kill anyone who can’t turn into a bear on command

“just” 8 months ago lol

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i once teleported in moonglad and i saw a night with the exact same look than a hunter keep hunter marking me.

That night elf druid in moonglad was 15 i slap him with my unstoppable force 2 hance mace for a 1k crit and it made me feel like universe communicate to me .

-NO and btw you don’t think that you wanted that . You think you do but you don t

Dam killing that night elf with the same face made me feel good. He cheer at me as if i was gonna let this opportunity go.