Make Demo Great... just great period

So for most of BFA I ran as a Demonology lock. The spec seems very lacking in some ways. We’re led to believe we’re this master of demonic legions… but about 90% of our minions can be taken out with a simple boot. I mean look at those little Imps, even a gnome could just eat one for breakfast and just complain about having acid reflux from the lil spicey boi.

I would like the ability to have more variety in our demonic army. Here are some ways I think things would get spiced up a wee bit.

1st. Maybe we could have a talent similar to Beast Master hunters where we can maintain 2 demons out at the same time and give us the major ability associated with our secondary Demon. For example maybe our primary is a Felhunter and our secondary is our Felguard. The ability we’d get from our secondary felguard would be Axe Toss. This would also allow us a greater variety in what talents/PvP Talents we could play with. For example in PvP we could use the imp trait that allows us to singe magic off of us, while simultaneously using the talents in our regular talent tree made specifically for the Fel Guard. That way we aren’t locked into one path, like Blizzard so often says they are against. You don’t want us to optimize, give us a variety, I say!

2nd. Tweak Nether Portal and just make it a passive. I think most people here don’t like necessarily being imp mothers. If we had a passive that summoned an extra variety of demonic compatriots in whenever we spent soul shards, well, that would lend to more of the master summoner feel. Now you might mention Inner Demons already somewhat does this but it is pure RNG, that doesn’t lend to a master summoner feel necessarily. We should have somewhat more of a direct control on the demons we summon, not pray to some dark demonic overlord that luck will favor us and grant us Archimonde so not only do our enemies face him but his legions as well! Basically each soul shard = 1 Demon, or you could go with the more soul shards you spend/Would spend (In case of using Demonic calling which reduces soul shard cost for summon dreadstalkers) would create more powerful demons. So 3 soul shards on a hand of gul’dan, maybe a wrathguard or succubus pops out to play, or hell maybe 4 of those little winged boyos that spit acid eh? Basically a more consistent Inner Demons. These demons would gain the benefit of Dreadstalkers Pursue ability currently on the PTR so the melee ones can keep up with their prey.

3rd Another option would be to just completely rework the spec to where the rotation would involve summoning a bunch of different demons.

I don’t really have much else, if you have other ideas on how Demonology could be made more to have that master summoner feel, let me know in the comments below!


I agree that demo has some flavour issues. Overall, I think the spec is pretty fun to play, though I was a little sad that it isn’t getting much in the way of new talents. I like your idea of having two pets out, especially in having a baseline kick for M+ and PVP. Frankly, though it’s nice to be able to kick bosses with Axe Toss, it feels really strange and tacked on (not to mention bad for trash).

There’s such a wide array of demons in the game, it’s a little silly that the only reliable summons we have are imps and demon dogs. Inquisitors, Darkglares, Pit Lords, Terrorguards, Overfiends… Any of these would be neat. It’s been a bit of a tease ever since Kanrethad could summon Pit Lords back in MoP. Hell, it would be so cool to summon an Antaen (the giant demons on Argus). Any of these could also open up more spell schools for us, just like how Vilefiend is a fire spell.

On a related note, I think the fact we don’t have access to infernal is a little lame too. I don’t want us to be like GoSup destro, but I miss having that button on my bars. Not everything has to be useful 100% of the time.

More variety is the key. When I’m surrounded by my army with my Felguard, vile fiend, 8+ imps, feldogs, and whatever else pops through my nether portal. Then I feel like a master summoner.

It’s been said on other posts. I like the idea of a Fel Grimoire where we can research new demons perform a quest chain to gather the materials required then go back to dreadscar to perform a ritual to summon and subdue the demon bending it to your will. Even if the change is only cosmetic I believe variety is the life of spice in this case.

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So I have debated making a post like this for a while now however seeing your suggestion really makes me thing about how im not the only Demo main that wishes for a rework that was more demon based. With that said get ready for a long one folks.

Aside from a few spells becoming baseline for Demo like Demonic Strength and Soul Strike as they should be base abilities of our most powerful demon. Doom would be nice however with the rework I have in mind its not that needed unless it would be like Legion Doom. Now aside from mana being removed from our spec we would also lose Shadow Bolt as it would be replaced by Nether Bolt “upon casting Nether Bolt a portal from the nether opens shooting out a ball shadow dealing X shadow damage and pulling an imp from the neither to fight with you for 12 seconds. Also grants a soul shard.”

Row 1 (imps):

Bilescourge Bombers:
Your imps summoned from Nether Bolt are replaced with Bilescourge Bombers that will fire at your target for 10 seconds then dive-bomb your current target dealing AOE damage.

Eyes of Gul’dan:
Your imps summoned from Nether Bolt are replaced with The Eyes if Guldan that fire at your target for 12 seconds dealing increased damage while they attack the same target.

Your imps summoned from Nether Bolt are replaced with Wyrnmtongue that throw vials of acid at your target for 12 seconds which leave a pool of acid on the ground which deal continuous damage.

Row 2 (Dreadstalkers):

Wyrmtongue Riders:
When you cast Call Dreadstalkers; Wyrmtongue riders are summoned and attack your target with weapons stolen from the nether.

When you cast Call Dreadstalkers your dreadstalkers are replaced with Ur’zul that lung at your target causing the faces to scream Fearing the target for .5 seconds. Targets immune to Fear are silenced for .5 seconds

Void Terror:
When you cast Call Dreadstalkers your dreadstalkers are replaced with Void Terrors which shoot your targets in front of them with their eye beams until the reach their target in which they cleave your targets with both heads.

Keep Row 3 as is. Unless Demon Skin becomes baseline(pipe dream i know)

Row 4 (New Summon all 1.5 second cast with 45 second CD):

Summon VileFiend (same spell as current)

Summon Felbat:
Summon an Felbat to fight for you

Summon Inquisitor:
Summon an Inquisitor to fight for you

Keep Row 5 as is.

Row 6 (Additional pet all are guardians that are summoned when you summon your main pet regardless of pet. All demons can be killed which would require an additional summoning of your main demon):

Infernal partner:
When you call your Demon an Infernal joins them to fight with you dealing AOE damage.(this would similarly act like it did in legion)

Imp Mother Partner:
When you call your demon an Imp Mother joins them attacking and summoning imps to fight along side you.

Miniature Annihilan Partner:
When you call your demon a miniature Annihilan joins them empowering you and your demons as its presence though small still grants strength. (essentially this gives soul conduit and expendables while it remains alive.)

Row 7(Demonic Energy Spenders): (at level 50 gain Demonic energy when a demon expires as well as when you call forth demons from the Nether)

Demonic Ascension(Meta with a twist):
Demonic Ascension Grants you two possible forms which are selected before casting. The forms are Mo’arg(Transform into a Mo’arg that calls forth demonic cannons while firing buzzsaws at enemies) and Mo’rag Brute(Transform into a Mo’arg Brute charging into combat and attacking with heavy melee weapons.)

Tyrannical Soul Shard:
Once you reach max Demonic energy you can call forth a Soul Shard of Tyrannical energy. When you use a Tyrannical Soul shard to cast of Summon Demonic Tyrant it lasts twice as long and has its cooldown is reduced by half. It also gains access to Shadow Bolt Volley.

Nether Portal(same name but different): Once you have reached maximum Demonic Energy your next Nether Bolt opens a more stable portal to the Nether calling forth a demon from the nether for each demon you summon while it remains open.(Demons summoned through Nether Portal do not contribute to Demonic energy.)


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