Make Archivists Codex reputation account-wide

They did it with Ve’nari reputation, why not this as well?

I don’t see the harm, the currency itself is character-specific anyways…

Blizzard please :drooling_face:

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It is though…

Unlike Venari rep which was very time gated, this rep is quick to take up as you can keep farming the items.

For this reason it’s unlikely they’ll make the reputation account wise.

It is? Darn big news if I missed this.

Yeah, its just like venari except better given you can farm it at your own pace, now I definitely have noted that initially I will get a butt ton of the big archvist drop items. Then after a couple drops I just get the little stuff towards the rep, so I feel they gated it in a sneaky fashion to keep players from steam rolling it.

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Add me to the list of people who must have missed it :joy:

I’m not referring to being able to buy a specific item from the vendor across different characters.

I’m referring to the hypothetical situation where your main eventually gets to tier 6 and your alts “automatically” unlock tier 6 for the purpose of gear upgrades… you know, a true account-wide sharing similar to how valor upgrades work :man_shrugging:

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Oh yeah! I like that idea man. Would be nice if late patch swaps/etc.

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Yeah that’s the thing… no one knows till we reach rank 6. Some of his stock is account wide the moment you buy and use it, like the purple glow on mobs who have relics. Some are account wide in being able to purchase it on alts, like teleporter repair kits.

But then some items don’t appear to be account wide at all, like the crafters mark, which appears to need rank 4 on every alt who wants it.

Until we reach rank 6 there is no way to tell if the ilvl upgrades or the sockets and conduit upgrades are account wide

It’s gonna be a real disappointment if it turns out that we have to regrind to tier 6 reputation on each individual alt to get them gear upgrades.

Hopefully the devs listen and agree with players that regrinding to tier 6 on multiple characters is simply unreasonable… we’re probably talking months of (re)grinding for a casual alt :zzz: :sleeping: :zzz:

I bet a lot of players lose interest in the Archivist faction/don’t bother with alts if the upgrade tiers remain character-specific.