Major issue on abilities with 'stack mechanic'

Mage with ‘combustion’ spec.

Zone out of a dungeon before the combustion buff has gone. The combustion will always remain.

The buff won’t reset unless player die or log out. People can get 10 stacks of combustion if they are lucky.

Please fix it.

It could potentially work on all abilities with ‘stack mechanic’.


Fire mage go Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Imagine if this wasnt discovered until wotlk with hot streak and moving scorch?

inb4 Blizzard says something stupid like they always do. Such as the reference client sees this the same way so they don’t see it as a bug :wink:

Right, Blizzard? Right? Remember the weapon procs data? :wink: :wink: :wink:


“iTs In tHe reFeRenCe CLiEnT” right blizz? KEKW


ofc, always the non-existence “reference client”. :wink:


Combustion Spec. Is this a new spec I’ve never heard about?

No changes Blizz!

Just attempted this. Got combust up to 7 in RFC, zoned out and surprisingly my WeakAuras did in fact reset back to zero so I got excited. Zoned back in and my first fireball crit and ended combustion :frowning:

Working as inteded, nothing to see here, keep moving. KEKW

This continues to be the most insane conspiracy theory in the Classic community.

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Seems to already be fixed. Combustion no longer pops back up, it just falls off immediately now.

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Don’t fix it, make it work for more fun things like sweeping strikes. I want permanent sweeping strikes.

I was pretty sure it was already fixed. It was certainly a thing on launch though.
I remember one ZF run where I popped combustion and Blastwave on a group of horde just as we were running in. Had 80% crit up until the GY boss where I pulled agro and died.

Fun times.