Major Bug found in an engineering tinker

I am doing some testing on the helm tinker “Mind Amplification Dish”

I have had a series of successful mind control uses on enemy creatures. Specifically I am testing on Unbound Seers in Crystalsong Forest.

On one test, when the MC ran out of time, the Unbound Seer remained visually friendly, and said it was my pet, but it was attacking me. I had no recourse, I couldn’t attack it back as it was “my pet,” yet it was no longer actually my pet and I had no more pet action bar so I could not turn it to passive or anything like that. I also could not dismiss it as my pet (while actively my pet it does allow a dismiss from right click menu, but in this bugged state there was no such option).

The other player with me in my party did see it as an enemy at this time and was able to kill it.