Maintenance this tuesday is long -- expectations?

Hello does anyone have expectations for what the maintenance is for this coming tuesday?

Or does anyone know anything (any news that I missed on)?

Thank you!

We don’t know.

Could simply be server infrastructure work for all we know.

10.2.7. It’s patch day.


I expect a delay and thus will probably end up taking refuge in Vampire Survivors.



I’m surprised so many people seem unaware of that…

It’s on the WoW BNet Launcher page and WoWHead even has a special timer.


It’s 10.2.7 patch day, which contains a new phase for the retail servers in the form of Timewalking: Pandamonium.

Yeah, it’s a long maintenance because it’s a big ol’ patch.

Literally the pre-patch to pre-patch of TWW itself.

The Pandaria event thing, probably for about a month or a month and a half, and then finally pre-patch before TWW later this year.

I’m thinking a new patch. Maybe Blizzard could call it 10.2.7, with “Dark Heart” as the title - but that’s just a wild, totally random guess…


I would rather them take the time is needed to upload a patch then it not working. People should know better than to have Tuesday’s off.

I don’t expect to be able to log in until after dinner. Even then, stuff will be broken.

In other words, I’m playing SWTOR until probably Thursday. XP bonus weeks, galactic season and collections discounts!


May the 4th be with you

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I mean S4 just came out , what could we possibly get thats new lol

my launcher has none of that


oh wowhead. I don’t use wowhead all the time and if I am, I’m reaching specific pages from research online, so for example, I might look up Holy Paladin m+ build and then it’ll lead me straight to that page on wowhead.

It’s also on your launcher. (Bottom Left)

nope, not on my launcher.

I only have Overwatch 2 (discover a world turned over - the mirrorwatch event begins today" and then I also have “WoW get up to 33% off select game services”

that’s all I have on my launcher

oh I see, I have to scroll like a whole page down and then I have to “scroll the news rightward” to see it.

No wonder people don’t know. It’s not very prominent.

I think they’re kind of wasting effort with these patches for DF at this point. It’s fine the way it is I’d prefer if they focused on the next expansion so that there’s more content ready when it releases instead of just a week or so worth of content like usual.

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My expectation is that maintenance will be long this Tuesday. Other than that? Nil.

Maybe it’s different for everybody, but what I posted is the top of my WoW launcher page…so it’s right there everytime I click on WoW to play it.

ooo…is it patch day?

Pets can now be renamed directly in the stable interface without needing certificate items."

oh that is really cool lol.

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i expect the mailboxes to rise up and overtake dalaran.

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Don’t you hate when that happens?

this what you get when you mistreat mailboxes.