Maintenance extended ... (AGAIN!?!)

(hacker voice)

I’m in

I’m logging into frostmourne right now, XD. Just in time for Coffee.

Time to storm the game

That’s literally all I wanted to do on my day off today. Have a couple cups of coffee. Check my vault. Maybe do a few mount runs. Now it’s already 3:00, too late for coffee. I’m out of that early morning theta state. It’s almost time to start getting dinner ready. Never fails.

Around here, they replace bridges at night, from 10pm until 6am, so work is done before daylight hours when traffic is heavy

Blizz should take note, and do the work during off peak hours!!!

A little while ago, our Executive Producer asked our Lead Live Operations Producer to distill the answer to the question “Why?”. This is what he said,

We have the goal of performing Season transitions while keeping realms online for all regions. Due to how a number of systems were originally architected, we’ve had challenges in the past, and we iterate through issues each time. We work through expected issues quickly, but there are always unexpected issues that we can only deal with by testing on the realms in a hidden state. (Hidden because we didn’t want all players to feel the impact of our fixes – some require large data jobs). A number of issues we discover during maintenance require fixing while keeping realms offline to avoid in-game economy damage or players encountering bugs because they happened to be online just before we fixed them.

Overall, we’re able to minimize future downtime by finding and fixing “last minute” issues like this. As a result of today’s work, we hope that we will not need to do anything other than normal restarts for the remaining regions.

We’re finished with today’s maintenance. Each one-hour extension of the maintenance period was because we were fixing critical bugs related to the season transition, and the list of those grew smaller with each hour until it vanished.


Good job on the communication for once, now if only you guys would communicate on other problems your poor design choices have caused, and decisions that were made last minute.


Happy now you got your answer via communication from blizzard

Major W on communicating this and hopefully continues forward


honestly… this is a good response. Hearing the actual reasons is more understanding than… “Sorry guys! it will be up hopefully?” ngl i like this better.


Off peak hours are during the weekday daytime hours though.

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My lord not one thank you from those of you were whining for the response and for the reasoning.


That’s nice. So, about that slime cat.


When did “architect” become a verb?

AKA, we can’t get our act together even when we are repurposing old content.


Thanks for feedback :slight_smile: Hope the devs can relax now a little bit, at least lol.

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The OED has it as a verb starting in 1813. Their example is a letter from John Keats, in which he writes “This was architected thus By the great Oceanus.”


Yeah, Dan.


Right but when did cringe become an adjective?

Lol. How about the other bugs that, ya know, have been in the game for months, years?