Maintenance done? - Just working on issues?

They way the blue post was worded made it sound like the maintenance was done and all they need to do now is flip the switch when they feel comfortable doing so, which they predicted to be at 12pm PDT. Is that how you guys read that?

I read as a bunch of bull :speak_no_evil:


is that because you are a Tauren, my friend?


Implies they will be done

Whether that does or doesn’t happen is in the air. It’s definitely not flipping the switch yet. But I do see all the realms appearing in the list right now.

I read that as, “new obstacles were encountered during maintenance , its probs gonna take until midnight to fix em”

Umm seriously I enjoy fixed stuff as much as the next guy but DAMN come on over been waiting all freaking day

They’ll fix the issues but create new ones so I don’t know why they delayed it further when people are already pissed.

It still being down while working out issues they had - implies its still maintenance

I think it’s the cloning process and there mailboxes I think the people moving on to tbc are good I think it’s they people staying in classic slowing this down.

They’re on seperate clients.

And unfortunately cuz the TBC servers and classic forever servers at this moment in time are so closely linked together they’re both DOA

of course


But they gotta take the data from the 2 clients and fix the one having the issue. Whatever server set they wound up cloning to create either or you’d need the data from the original server set to fix the broken server set and if you let people log in to the fixed one the broken one stays broken

Yea but they had to split them they already said in a previous blue post that it was the mail system that was messing up so they had to reset and start over I’m thinking it’s the ones that are migrating to classic only.

Wow what a surprise Blizzard, since wow launched for the first time still cant get their stuff together. We will be back up at 3pm, then 6pm, then 10pm, now 12AM. I for one am not surprised. The thing they miss to understand with people not liking all this down time with the servers is there customers pay a fee each month to play. I think they need a team that can anticipate these issues like they have had since day one when they get ready to launce something new. Do you remember when wow first launched how there servers crashed because they did not anticipate the millions of log ins. Some things never change, I quit the game once before back in 07, to come back in 2020 in hopes of things have changed, but thats just me dreaming I guess. Blizzard really does force one foot of mine out the door again. The millions they make on the 14.99 a month you would think the same old problems would not arise, but nothing has changed since day one…just my opinion.

Now it’s 1am pdt.

Moo. Tauren Together Strong.

possibly 2 am?

Oh no. One day out of 30/31. Clearly you should read the terms before you sub, because you’re missing a whole swath of info there that would help you with your clear confusion.

For your info its no 1 day out of 30, I was there when wow first came out. I dont know your age but I would guess you were not there and gone through, WOW, BC, LK, and so on. I stopped playing just before Mist came out, so Ive been around a long time Im an old schooler I guess. The problems Blizzard has had since day one Ive been there through it all up until Mist. And now more recent Shadow Lands was my return, then Classic relaunch. So my dear {assuming your female} its clearly way way way way way way way way and so on more then 1 day out of 30. Just making a point its the same old issues Blizzard has had since day one, and remember I was there day one were you?

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