[Main Thread] Patch 8.3.7 - Known Issue with Mouse and Camera Movement Issues

I think the setting goes back to normal after you reload or relog.

Try getting advancedinterfaceoptions addon, it has CVar browser and Enforce setting on startup.

You might have changed this settings long time ago and somehow make raw input enabled the “default”, and when you disable it, it return to default when you reload or relog.

I have this problem as well. I have to set the /console rawMouseEnable 1 or my mouse spins out of control when I move it slightly in game. So now, either my mouse spins me out of control half the time, or I am in a situation where any movement of the mouse spins the camera if I happen to be moving.

I hope Bliz understands that this makes the game unplayable for me. At least when I could use raw input it functioned. Now, no matter what - the mouse doesn’t behave appropriately.

I am so glad I only resubbed for 30 days on each of my accounts to get back in to things for shadowlands. If this doesn’t get fixed, I can’t see me buying the expansion nor renewing past my current 30 days.

TLDR; Mouse now broken no matter what I do. Please fix, thanks.

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I am also experiencing the same issue and it has been resolved by using:

/console rawMouseEnable 0

THANK YOU I was going crazy trying to figure out if my mouse was broken. I thought (insert dev name here) said he didn’t want to turn this into a first person shooter but the first thing they do at reset is change the mouselook to FPS mode what the heck.

Just like removing the “sort bags to left” button another option changed or removed that nobody asked for.

Having the exact same issue here… Ended up resetting all my configurations and lost all my custom bindings before I decided to look at the forums for this…

Thank you for your reports everyone! I moved a few threads over to this one and changed the title here. We are aware of the mouse and camera issues. Our team have identified an issue with the Raw Mouse input and camera movements.

A few of you already mentioned this, but disable the Raw Mouse input should help with the mouse issues in-game. Enter this into the in-game chat:

/console rawMouseEnable 0

Our team is looking into this matter! Thank you again for your reports :slight_smile:


oh my god i just spent an hour troubleshooting this, I was going insane trying to figure out why suddenly it was happening. I wish I saw this thread sooner!!! Feel like such an idiot now.

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There is also the issue of the mouse cursor sticking to targets. This is very noticeable when multidotting or switching targets in combat. The mouse will “stick” to a target and not immediately move. It almost feels like an auto-aim system. Nothing has fixed this and this only started happening since reset.


Hey, Drunhir! Our team is look into some other issues with the Mouse as well. One of those being the system cursor on Mac sporadically reverting, another with the sticky mouse selection in puzzle game quests specifically. Our teams aware of these issues and looking into the matter!

If it seems a bit different from these issues, please report this over to #support:bug-report forums since our team monitors these forums for any new issues that need investigating.


Dear lord why didn’t I come here first. Well needed a fresh install anyway.

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Still an issue, I had to re-enable “/console rawMouseEnable 1” since my mouse kept teleporting to middle of the screen. multiple times in 10 second intervals. Honestly I don’t know which is worse.

Actually unplayable.


I am not having the camera mouse issue, however i am having the mouse locking onto objects issue, if i click a target, loot a chest, loot a mob, etc, it will sometimes lock onto it for a sec, i didnt have this issue last night and because i saw it mentioned, im on windows 10, not mac.


I have this problem as well. Using the work around has made my turning in game much less responsive as well. Please let us know when solved. Thank you for your continued technical support!

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I have the issue also /console rawMouseEnable 0 fixes it though, thank you.

With raw mouse input disabled, my mouse will elastic band in place randomly (noticeable when I’m trying to select a different target). I notice this happens almost every time I mouse-interact with an NPC. I try to move the mouse but it snaps back to the location where I used mouse-interact.

With raw mouse input enabled, my camera keeps moving even after i let go of mouse click (left, or right click).

The game is currently unplayable with these errors; there is no way I can heal in raid or mythic dungeon with my mouse not accurately responding to my inputs.

Edit: Troubleshooted using the enable/disable raw mouse input commands, all in-game mouse options, changed mouse polling rate, disabled all addons, updated mouse driver, repaired game. Nothing resolved the problem thus far.


Been using the fix of rawmouseenable since MoP. Amazing that the default settings still cause issues all these years later. And now the only fix is causing this issue today. What a world.

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Could we get an update on this in the next hour or so? i have a raid a little later on and need to know if i’ll be raiding with this auto lock issue or not.


this is unplayable blizz. fix pls


I’d also like to add that I’m having this issue. As others have said, the /console rawMouseEnable 0 resolves the issue, but the mouse does occasionally snap to the center of the screen or seemingly hover around parts of it. Glad to see this is being looked into. It’s been driving me crazy.


im having the same issues.
Actually unplayable. fix that pls.