Main for SL?

What’s everybody maining for SL? And what content are you most looking forward to?

Hard to say.

I’m about 50/35/5/5/5 on DK/Pally/Lock/War/Shammy

Looking forward to just the normal expansion stuff. Mainly just hate being at a standstill.

I am having trouble choosing, too. My all-time main is Druid (feral pvp and resto pve), but I really enjoyed DK these last couple of months. I played the sniff out of Surv this expac, too, and had a lot of fun. And then there is Priest so that I can pew pew and heal at the same time…

Lily has been my main since WoD. My original main was a warrior since launch but I stopped tanking after WoTLK. I also have a lv 50 resto druid and hunter along with a rogue, warrior, and hunter on the horde side that should be around lv30-33 but I hardly play horde anymore. I barely have enough time for one toon.

My issue is I am kind of an RPer. Not like I go around theeing and thouing and whatnot, but I need to feel invested in my character.

DK and Paladin really help me do that. I feel cool as hell being either of those.

Warlock has good RP, as well as Shaman generally…but right now DK and Pally feel super solid RP wise in Shadowlands.

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DKs are by far the coolest classes in the game

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Admittedly DK has been my main more often than not since wrath

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Rogue is in a pretty good place rn. That’s what I’ve started leveling first

So I think I’m going paladin.

Feels so much more powerful as prot than blood

What did everybody settle on, and how are you liking SL?

I leveled my rogue and then my DK, which is what I’ve been gearing and grinding out my progression on. I like the expac a lot (except for the Maw). PvP is a lot more intense.

DK - Going frost this time after being Unholy all of BFA.

It’s cool. Feel like it’s taking forever to gear up. Spent a lot of time in Torghast, not really feeling like I’m getting anywhere.

To be honest I feel a little lost. My soulbinds are weak, I don’t even know where to begin with legendary, and I can’t even queue up for heroics yet.

Honor gear is pretty easy to acquire and is what I used to get my DK up to heroic ilvl. This guide is also really helpful for keeping up with things. I’ve managed to do it all except the Maw grind for sockets.

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People talking about cool max level content…
Meanwhile I’m falling off waterfalls and getting Rez sickness trying to loot world chests…


Rogue, DK, Priest, and Druid all max level now. Nothing really that satisfying. Might be time for a break

My first main in WoW was warlocks, I still love ‘em, but for some reason my dps is crap and I can’t keep up with many people… I see nothing wrong with my rotation gear or talents so idk what’s wrong… but when I made my demon Hunter I fell in love, very op and easy to catch up in dps, and tanking sometimes is fun too. It’s all good except it kinda sucks now that the heart of Azeroth is irrelevant in shadowlands, I can’t use that 2nd eye beam instantly after metamorphasis, it was pretty awesome but oh well. Someone said dh got nerfed in SL but I don’t see it.

The nerf isn’t as bad as some say, I believe I noticed it was the dodge chance that went down significantly but that’s all I noticed.

I am enjoying CP2077 despite the screeching, and also hear positive things about AC Valhalla