Mages that pvp

Its how batching works on this client

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Mages that pvp are a rumor. Kind of like “girls who code”. Just a rumor speculation, not reality.

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I saw a mage gnome female name

Jaws. I can safely say guy this guy was solo carrying until he started to chase me around the arathis bassing map .

He was killing me he was followed by disck priest who would buff when he go in for sappe and stuff.

That guys made gnome female look sexy and very respectable.

How can anyone say hunters aren’t good in pvp in classic?

Viper sting, 40 yard range, good damage, AND FROST TRAP!!!

You could remove all abilities from hunter except viper and frost trap and they’d still be A tier pvp.


So incorrectly contrary to the white knights.

Thing is, if they cant make it work, then why keep the system in an only partly functional operation? I know for a fact that I was not backstabbing targets at 40 yards in Vanilla but hey, ill take it. Cant catch the hunter, no problem gouge his pet and backstab starts on the pet, but executes on hunter even though I cannot get into range. KEK, GG buddy.

They emulated it but they explained it in a blue post.

It just emulates it, but it is not the real thing and if you played on a 1.12 client recently, you realize there is a major difference on how things get batched.

Edit: Btw khlause i found out today its impossible for me to sap rogues with imp. stealth on this client. I run 130-150 MS due to my location and even with heightened senses and spamming tab/sap i end up leaving stealth everytime without doing anything. Rogue does not need to sprint or anything (i usually see him/her first due to nelf racial), just move. If he moves I always leave stealth while doing nothing.

Its really great.

Oh no, is there a single thing mages are bad at in this game? What a tragedy.

Same problem because I have not improved sap, and because of that as the action of sap executes i leave stealth and the enemy rogue who did not see me first, is able to utilize his sap macro and sap me because my character dropped stealth to execute sap…

I think the order of how things work is busted.

I do have improved sap and it changes nothing in this instance. Because by the time i hit sap (and notice i spam Target nearest enemy+sap) rogue is already out of sight again. You just leave stealth and thats it.

Am personally glad most rogue are human or gnome .

Because if u get slowed you lose.

A warrior can charge/hamstring 100% of the time… IF YOU trap the warrior and try to create distance once the trap breaks he can hit you because of LEEWAY. You literally cannot get far enough away from a trapped opponent in time.

Abuse the hell outta slows and you will rekt all hunters.

In bgs they can sit back easier sure but classic bgs are a joke anyways. if this god awful spell batching and leeway goes into tbc hunters will be literal trash at the bottom of the trash can.

Also this isnt 2004 bud. Aim’d shot takes 3 seconds to cast. Hunters damage comes from wombo combo AIm’d+multi shot and auto cycles. Hunters werent even good by the end of TBC because everyone had them figured out and blizz lovvvvves nerfing hunters into the ground. They do not scale well with gear, like ever.

Lol. Rock paper scissors. End of discussion.

Bgs and wpvp are the only pvp in classic that matters, which hunters excel at.


I have zero issues with hunters in wpvp like none at all.

Apply a slow =gg They can trap all day long but when trap is over re apply slow due to leeway they can’t waddle away fast enough.

I’m not talking about ganking of course ANY class that gets the jump on someone unexpectedly is probably gonna kill them. Thats the nature of classic.

The problem is if anyone gets the jump on hunter its 99% a loss, unless you’re trash at pvp

You’re too focused on 1v1. Wow is an mmo. In group pvp hunters are s tier.


I don’t think it worked that way in Vanilla at all. I certainly don’t remember having this problem in vanilla at any point ever. I also don’t have a lot of lag either, 25ms latency is very very good.

Nah it happened, just way less frequently. Even on Pservers it happened but thats just another thing about the artificial batching and the client. Like it does happen on 1.12 and its annoying there, but not as often at all.

So the frequency is worse here because reasons…

Im pretty sure its their aritifical batching. And how it works. Its just an example on a plethora of weird behaviours not found in the original client (or the frequency of known ones)

I get that they want the original feel but is this really it? Sure does not feel that way to me, I dont remember it being quite so janky.