Mages into hunter

Remember me


You think it’s worth dropping sniper for something else now?

Not a huge fan of it to begin with, mm has enough stand and cast with aimed.

Setback is due for payback. Didn’t you abuse mages all last season? LOL RIP KARMA.

I had fallen into shadow.

Then I saw a Mufasa.gif on discord and remembered his words. Remember who you are! You are more then what you have become.

It was then I looked at my bow in shame and took my place among the fire mages once more.

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Pfft. I see settyb on the mm leaderboard. Can’t hide that high up.

This is penance, my friend. Suffer the pain that you once inflicted. Godspeed and GL outrunning the 60 yard Rapid Fire.

My mage is higher now so it counts.

Idk sniper might still hit for a chunk but if it feels bad you can just run tranq darts vs pres/rdruid or chimeral sting into everything else. We still benefit.

Next time kasuos streaming i’ll see what hes running.

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Gonna try and push sv to elite on this hunter but might simultaneously swap mm for fun on the side on an alt hunter.

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Its fun def feels like a struggle though into rogues/warriors.

Then you get unlucky and like fist/ww on same team and end up disarmed eternally.

Funny since as sv I actually like melee lobbies (mostly, still nerf dh).