Mage/Rogue looking for Guild

Was highly active during Wotlk up until my guild disintegrating/transferring the one week I didn’t raid due to irl stuff when Ulduar was wrapping up and ToC was starting, then I ended up playing SoD for a while because I felt like I was a bit behind and had no motivation to catch up without a guild.

Into Cata going to be maining my Mage, looking for a new guild. Xferring my characters to grob as it’s the only actually balanced PVP server.

I’m looking for a guild that can be serious about clearing raids, but isn’t so serious they micro manage it’s members play / Take all the fun out of playing. Suggestions for people whose performance is actually hindering ability to clear is one thing, demanding someone play something specific before seeing their performance, or their performance is fine but making it requirement to play a spec/build is another thing.

I’d like to find a group of people that it can be chill to play/talk to while leveling or and still be chill even when taking raiding seriously. I understand bringing consumes, learning your class, showing up, the minimum. My schedule is flexible, I can raid on week day afternoons/nights aswell as weekends. I’m Eastern US time.

I personally don’t enjoy political/religious conversations. I don’t particularly care if the guild has them as long as it doesn’t become drama and or interfere with us playing the game. I might have a few friends that may want to join aswell down the line who are coming back to Cata aswell.

If this sounds like you/your guild, please reply / show discord or something if you wanna share more details.

Are you still looking for a guild? I can’t say for certain that what I potentially have to offer is exactly what you’re looking for, but if you haven’t found a place yet then I can give you some info on what my guild is about/going to be.

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Yup still looking. My Discord is Bulbacats if you want to message there