Mage Tower

How are you guys killing the first tauren boss? I can kill the tauren but his worm is tanky as hell and I cannot kill the worm before it kills me. I’ve removed stacks from the worm off the rocks(not sure how to remove them all) and incap the aoe scream ability whenever possible but it’s not enough to survive long enough it seems.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I haven’t personally done the tower just yet this week, but I’ve been told that scaling maybe off a bit

Yeah I’m having the same problem. I got 1 shot through Dampen Harm by Sonic Scream because it crit me for 10.4k. My character only has 9.2k in the instance

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I’m going to be a bit annoyed if this is their scaling being awful and I would have to wait until the next cycle through to try for that book mount

I did it earlier and it only took me a couple attempts. The key is to do as little damage to the tauren as possible while keeping yourself alive and just focusing on having the worm get it’s plates removed. The tauren calls rocks from the ceiling that stay on the ground and when the worm burrows it will periodically charge you. Just stand on the rocks that fall and it will charge into the rock and have it’s plates removed. Once it’s actually to the point that you can deal damage to the worm focus on that and cleave the tauren down a little bit being careful not to kill him with the worm at high % hp, otherwise you won’t survive the rage. I killed him with like 30% on the worm and no plates left and was able to burst it down through karma/fort brew/dampen harm pretty easily.

Played with serenity/faeline stomp. Main priority is never letting the tauren cast which can be tricky when trying to focus on the worm hitting the rocks but it’s not too bad once you get it down. Felt a lot easier than the legion version to me; chi wave/expel harm/faeline stomp give you a lot of self healing and you can spec escape from reality to get out for a quick heal too.

I took a little break and came back to it and as Dasitmane said, I took a different approach and just cleaved the two down. I got the worm to about 15% and by that time the Tauren was dead so I popped CDs and burst the worm down. Pretty easy, did it first try that way.

When attempting to do it the old way, there’s no shot you can outlive the worm’s damage

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Finished it this morning. The tuning seems VERY off compared to videos I’ve watched of people doing it in the past.

That being said, I essentially didn’t focus on pumping too much damage into the Tauren and only cleaved the 2 once they were together. I also switched my normal spec to include Chi Burst(good healing), Vivacious Vivification and Strength of Spirit. Chi Burst made a huge difference in survivability and I was VERY comfortable with my hp up until the Tauren died.