Mage Tower Questions

Good morning/afternoon rogues.

I have some questions that I’m having a difficult time finding online, hoping a rogue can help me out.

Is it worth using legendary daggers for the gem slots?

Does green gear from the AH scale down the same as PvP vendor gear?

“Borrowed power” doesn’t work, but I don’t know what that means. Do non-legendary trinkets still work? (I’ve been using legendary trinkets for the gem slots but I’m beginning to think that’s bad as I type this).

I just need an extra push for Xylem’s end phase. I can do the fight flawlessly but I can’t manage to push that extra damage.

I’m having a hell of a time finding more specifics on gear as all the information seems pretty vague and only mentions stat priority. Thank you in advance.

Did it in shadowlands gear tbh


I did the sub rogue challenge for mine, the gear I completed it in is the gear that I am currently wearing. It was all shadowlands gear. I used weapon oils, phantom fire potion with lust at the start of the shade phase, flask and food.

It was tight. I was at the very last little teeny spot without purple on the ground and I was able to do it. Just gotta kite very slowly and make sure you get those adds bursted down as fast as you can.

If you can get a bunch of versatility gear with sockets and socket them all with agility it would probably help a ton. If you can get the cyclotronic blast trinket I recommend doing it as it helped immensely on my priests challenge. You can also use the court of stars trinket that does aoe damage around you.

I chose not to use my legendary daggers, I wasnt sure if the weapon damage was gonna matter or not. I also didnt feel like enchanting them.

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Thank you everbody I got it.
I didn’t use legendary daggers and found out trinkets do work.
If anyone stumbled upon this asking the same questions I used common gear from the AH with versatility>crit stats, a darkmoon trinket, and some other quest trinket I got a while back.

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I’m still trying to get past the first boss. I die at 50% and it’s very annoying to have to redo that same pet over and over and over