Mage Tower is way too overtuned

I rarely rarely write posts but I can’t just sit and be silent this time. I am speaking for myself and a lot of other folks.

The current mage tower is way too overturned, especially for the tank one.

Variss’s HP is increased from 44213 PTR to 50844 Live.
Kruul’s HP is increased from 58930 PTR to 68119 Live.
Eye add HP is increased from 416 PTR to 479 Live.
Horror adds HP is increased from 650 PTR to 1800 Live. (Yes this one annihilates both player and NPC with ease. )

This leads to forced farming of old content gear, especially trinkets and stuff. Prices for consumables also sky-rocketed. Some of them are 10x more expensive now. People I know who successfully completed this challenge spent 4 to 8 hours for this challenge alone, not to mention numerous players left the tower fruitlessly with frustration.

Even the tank player Noawh wiped countless times for this challenge, if anyone happened to watch his stream. And he is a professional tank player and considered one of the best tanks in the world.

Out of curiosity, for who ever designed the numbers for this challenge, did they even try to play it themselves? I would like to see how they perform in the current setting.


The announced a possible nerf.
A well needed nerf.

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Fury warrior.

Or maybe PTR was undertuned.

PTR was fine.

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I feel like 30-60 attempts per spec challenge would be an appropriate range for people to complete it while providing a decent challenge.

Aside from the 2 week window / time, there’s almost no barrier to completion aside from skill.

Hi, bear spec here.

60 attempts, lowest I could get the Inquis down was 58% and that took all I had in me to do.

My usual attempts get shafted by bad rng timing on Nether’s spawning simultaneous to Life Drain cast needing a kick

Eyes spawning so far away that you can’t hit them without running upto Inquis melee range as balance afin

Eyes spawning on far opposite sides of the arena

Orbs spawning in atop me and insta popping

Orbs spawning atop each other so when you go to pop one you pop two instead (you can tell cause the radial ring is much larger than it should be)

Only a single orb spawning in the first minute of the fight

Netherspawn casting while moving

Netherspawn instantly recasting when you perfect incap them as they finish the wind up

Netherspawn just ignoring incap roar

Inquis randomly moving forward to stand right ontop of Velen so you can’t get to the orbs without getting alot of stacks

Infernals slam being wider than the indicated area

Infernals slam reaching a line fully across the entire arena

Infernals knock back being wildly incosistent, sometimes being recoverable, othertimes making me feel like I’ve joined the Skyrim Space Program

Eyes channeling while being stared at because I didn’t stare at them juuuuuust so

Eyes popping me for being to far away when I’ve not moved further away from them they just spawned that far away at the start

Eyes for some reason being immune to physical damage sources

TL:DR on that it’s a buggy mess. It’s supposed to test your ability to tank, but instead as it is, it tests your ability to dps in tank spec (aka: CAN…YOU…BOOMKIN!!!)

-Edit- I forgot my favorite: Infernals ‘bugging’ to spam cast slam as a .5s cast and doing it over and over and over in rapid succession while the other bugs are still happening!


I’m up 2.3 million already because of this.

Please don’t nerf the mage tower.