Mage Tower Cat Form

Such gorgeous skins. So envious of you who were able to get it! Wish I could’ve had my chance. I respect them not bringing it back, though. Just kind of a bummer that there’s not a lot of “mog” options. Just means they need to add more customization!


Its coming back for one week every legion time walking I thought…


Only the bear form got an update (felbear) with the new mage tower. Cats are still unobtainable.


They are not bringing back any Mage Tower Artifact Weapon appearences from Legion. The only thing available is the NEW Guardian Druid appearence (not linked to the Artifact Weapon) and yes it will be available every Legion Timewalking Event. :slight_smile:

That being said, I agree with the initial post! More forms for Druids please! :smiley:


I was so excited when Blizzard announced they were bringing mage tower back. I thought at the very least they would give us reskins. The ghost cat form is my favorite in the game. Hands down.

It makes zero sense guardians got special treatment. There are no other cat forms that look the mage tower one.


Out of all 36 specs in the mage tower, feral was by far the easiest to do. I tried to tell everyone to get a druid in there and one shot it.

I wish I focused up and got it :frowning: got outlaw rogue, WW monk, disc priest. I think there’s one more I’m forgetting, but I regret not getting feral. Especially now that I’m a feral main in classic and tbc. /sigh

And yet you got people defending that statement because ITS A DIFFERENT SKELETON (lol)… its just as unique as the catform is but people kept bashing against it… its sad but whatever. Here is hope for more skins.

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It’s mind boggling isn’t it?

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Oh, this is depressing. I was under the same impression and waiting for Timewalking to return again. RIP.

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i’d like more forms for moonkins over new cat models, there is also the balance questline you can do from legion to get some cool looking skins for you cat


There’s still heaps with the artifacts. Just not mage tower. Heaps and heaps of jog options thanks to the artists t.

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Anyone else use toys to transform your boomie or feral into a bloodelf or something so you don’t have to look at the old form?

Why respect them for not bringing it back? Anyone could’ve gotten it with no effort in the final patch, majority of people didn’t even do it when it was considered a challenge. People love to say they earned them but watch them seethe when you agree with their statement saying “Yes Blizzard should make it a status symbol that’s why those who completed after the patch lose it since they never really earned it”.

Also alot of people are hypocrites they’ll complain if their exclusivity is threaten but the moment it benefits them they don’t care.


It’s a reward for playing the game at that time. I’m all for them making new skins, but if you didn’t play when it was relevant you shouldn’t get it now because you want it. There is nothing wrong with rewarding people who continually play the game.


People can’t play a game for almost a decade straight, people lives change and things can keep people away for almost 2 years. What do they get? Nothing really, someone could’ve made their first toon at the start of the 7.3 patch and still have a form so the argument for rewarding continual play is invalid.

The timewalking event is a nice compromise. Limited time while taking more effort and skill.

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You’re going to whine no matter what’s said to you. As for:

Nothing about the argument is invalid. You not understanding it is a you problem. Continual play means you were playing at the time the mage tower was accessible. If you weren’t, tough luck. There are other forms you can get. And the mage tower was available for over a year, and plenty of warning about it and the rewards going away were given.


Yea there was plenty of warnings about cata too and alot of stuff was returned. I seen people try to argue it’s different but it’s the same.

It’s not remotely the same.

How so? Blizzard did make the same statements about Cata. Two things specifically mention which were the Zulian tiger mount and the raptor yet they’re in game again. Will you complain about them returning? Of course not since you’re biased in your opinion.

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