Mage Tower: A Compromise

Sooo much random/RNG crap that can “suddenly” scuff your attempt in the Bear challenge, on top of the boss seeming overtuned/too much health :laughing:

Phase 1

  • boss suddenly starts casting Drain Life while you’re out of position and not near an orb? gg
  • boss decides to start casting Drain Life “while” you’re still waiting for your 5 stacks to drop? Charge in to interrupt and refresh your stacks up to 6-7 in the process, gg
  • an orb spawns right under your feet/acccidentally triggered, adds are now all “spread out” while casting their AOE nuke? gg
  • an eyeball spawns out in China/very edge of the platform, just out of range of Moonfire, and knocks you back at a bad time
  • Velen suddenly get’s 2-shot if you’re a millisecond late on Incap Roar for the little adds

Phase 2

  • …the threat of the usual “Velen suddenly getting 2-shot” by the little adds is still there
  • multiple “overlapping” infernal knockbacks seem to conveniently always be casting right at the moment you need to run in for an interrupt or to grab an orb
  • involuntarily “dragged” into an infernal knockback by the shadow lines moving across the arena
  • get knocked back by one “overlapped” infernal knockback, charge back in, only to immediately be punted by the 2nd or 3rd infernal knockback that was casting at the same time
  • and of course, completely run out of CD’s and options by the time 4th Annihilate rolls around
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I’ve been having to use HotW to push p1 in a timely manner. I’m still getting that 3rd infernal just before phasing into 2

I don’t care what they do but I completely gave up on that thing. I continue to think the BS random assortment of simmed gear being ideal is a total joke.

It’s skill!

But it’s only skill if you use these items!

gtfo of here


That probably helps in phase 1. But when you getto phase 2, mighty bash can interrupt Kruul an extra time or 2 to delay the 5th Annialate which is almost always insta death.

Best way to explain this to you

  1. PTR testing for however long
  2. blizzard collects data
  3. blizzard decides it needs a buff
  4. blizzard implements buff
  5. you: “buff wasn’t intentional!”

It was released with what they intended. What they did not intend on was everyone not trying hard enough and begging for a challenge mode to be a WQ difficulty level “challenge”

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Haha I tried a few times this morning and I’m not sure if it was because it was 5;30am for me or what, but I struggled to even hit p2 today >.< ugh lol

I originally kept mighty bash but do better with HotW personally. To each their own :slight_smile:

did they announce the date they are planning on patching the tower? and how long it would take? They shouldnt pull it down for the rest of the week, hotfix that thing and let us actually complete this.

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You are taking everything out of context. Again, your reading comprehension is lacking, or you’re pushing an agenda.

Buff was intentional because they felt it was too easy across the board (success rates too high).

Buff negatively affected some specs more so than others. Doesn’t mean that Guardian spec became harder than intended, but that perhaps Fury Warrior wasn’t affected as much as they had hoped.

Only thing they specify is success rates. When they come back with their compiled data and their plan of action and say “we didn’t mean to buff everything by X% but instead Y% and that’ll be hotfixed on Tuesday” then yes, we’ll say that they didn’t intend for it to be that hard.

For now your interpretation is no better than mine. The only thing they specified was success rates were lower than expected on a spec to spec comparison. So that’s what I’m going off of. And I’m interpreting that as “we suck more than they thought” or “were more entitled than I thought we would be”

If people are completing it just fine now, and according to some, already earned the 36/36 mount…it can’t be THAT bad.

So let’s just see what information they throw out here in a couple days yeah? And if you’d tag me that would be great (whether I’m right or wrong) because I’m horrible at finding/following blue posts such as that

its more of a soft-enrage of p1 in terms of infernal numbers. Whereas on the PTR I was getting 1-2 infernals with good Bear dps management, now by the time I get the boss down with inflated health numbers of adds/boss. You get 3-4 to sometimes 5 on bad RNG attempt which snowballs into p2 making it almost unmanageable. Mind you im trying to do it clean, not using cyclo blast/unbridled fury etc using just shadowlands gear which is what I believe is intended to be able to do.

Yeah my run wasn’t clean at all. I wasn’t even looking at Kruul’s health. I was trying to focus on everything else, then he just floats to the middle of the room and i was like . Oh OK.

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so far I’ve done 3/4 druid, 3/3 war, 2/2 dh, 2/3 mage, 1/3 shaman, 2/3 lock, 1/3 priest, 2/3 ww and they’re all easy to fair. Not a single one of them wasnt doable with shadowlands gear. I can continue to update, but i’m confident that all of them except maybe the Rsham ones are doable with normal gear and correct play.

Update: sin rogue dead in 2 tries. all with slands gear exclusively

Sounds like you’ve died a time or two.

Imagine calling Xylem easy. Congrats on being the 0.1% top players who find an obviously overtuned encounter “easy”.

It’s either low key boasting, or just trolling.


It’s a total boast. Any respectable player wouldn’t be bragging when 99.99% of the community is struggling

Yes wait until next Tuesday for tuning and if they are feeling generous then give an extra week for MT. It lets us work on the other specs we haven’t completed yet on our class or for the mount reward to see how we fare atm. I wanna try frost mage challenge before it possibly gets tweaked.

Xylem was fair on Havoc dh; hardest part was frost phase, but p2 and arcane were super manageable. It was also FREE on arms war (easier than fury significantly). You just have to do a normal pve rotaiton and use the free healing.

Even Dratnos says it was overtuned and he took a few hours to get it.

Again, it’s either trolling or tooting your own horn at this point.

“I didn’t use cheese”, so Crusader+unbridled fury hard carried you uh ?

Crusader? Nope. and consumables aren’t cheese, what? Lol

Unbridled Fury at 3k a use is cheese. Let’s be honest.

And don’t be shy to admit you used Crusader.

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