Mage Talents


For which fire build?

This is the PvP build: classic.wowhead .com/talent-calc/mage/-05523201000231-203532001020513

This is the PvE build: classic.wowhead .com/talent-calc/mage/230005-5052020123033151-003 … (do whatever u like with the last 5 pts)

Outside of improved Flamestrike and improved Fire Ward, literally every talent in the Fire Tree is good. It just depends what you plan to be using the spec for.


I’m only lvl 10, but I plan on going fire spec. I don’t care if it makes me slower leveler or not invited to dungeon groups. I just love seeing huge fireballs come from my little gnome hands in the snowy mountains. It’s so dope and it feels good. This is just an alt so I might not even hit 60 on him, but if I do raids endgame, I’ll probably respec to frost just for MC. I might also dabble with arcane because I’m not too familiar with it. During WotLK-MoP, my mage only was ever frost or fire.
Once again, I’m going off of what seems the most fun and frost doesn’t seem as cool to me.


basically I just want to be competitive in pve and pvp. I want to be able to level efficiently without a big struggle. so whatever build that is works for me. I enjoy fire and frost equally so I just want to maximize on what the best talent choices are so I can not only do good dmg but have survivability as well


I did. I don’t know why anyone else would go fire and not take it. Pre 60, fire and frost are both good. I like fire more, since I’m not on PVP and don’t bother aoe grinding. Frost is the go to PVP realm choice because it can survive ganks better. Fire leaves you wide open to attack.


Leveling specs should not be your endgame specs. Just respec sometime between 50-60.

This is what a level 42 leveling fire spec should look like - classic.wowhead .com/talent-calc/mage/-505212012003315-003

This fire spec will be competitive in both PvE and PvP but you might struggle a bit with mana in Raids – classic.wowhead .com/talent-calc/mage/230002-5552320123033151-003


I forgot about this.

Actually I think it is 65 percent initiall ywas doing 30 times 3
…at work right now so I cant think too hard

(Xanthak) #47

This use to be the case with fb, but with 1.12 stuff dies so fast it doesnt matter. A dhane really.

(Sarm) #48

I still have to question this because of the existence of Shatter and Frostbite. Equivalent ranks of Fireball and Frostbolt do nearly the same overall DPS when talented, but fire has nothing like Shatter to have crits almost on-demand.


ok now lemme ask you this as a room full of mages. what professions did yall pick for your mage? did you all take tailoring for the BiS chest or did you guys go another route


If you want to AoE frost you just need
3 points in Perma frost for the extra slow
2 points in Imp Blizzard (having 3 will override your 11second Cone of Cold slow with only a 4 second Blizzard slow)
0 or ZERO points in Frostbite, it makes clumping your AoE pile almost impossible, its great for PvP but seeing as we’re all in P1 still, don’t get it.

Professions, get skinning and anything else. The AH is in shambles at the moment, and the skins vendor really well. You’ll be able to get your mount at 40, then you can pick whatever professions you want.


It’s probably all about frost. You either go frost aoe spec or frost pvp spec. The pvp spac takes frostbite, shatter and improved counter spell in arcane. Aoe take 3/3 blizzard for sure, but doesn’t use frostbite because it splits up mobs during aoe pulls solo. If you got a good tank and another decent mage it isn’t a big deal in dungeons whichever spec you choose as long as the group can keeps mobs in a pack for aoe.

(Priapis) #52

Part of it, from what i know, is because of partials. Frostbolt is binary (it either hits or misses), whereas fireball can partial (it can hit, miss, or hit for partial damage).

So what happens, with frost, you’ll have more hits being outright resisted whereas fire will have resists that still do some amount of damage. That’s also a big reason why fire pulls ahead of frost in end game after mc/bwl.


Don’t take 3 points in improved Blizzard. Let me explain to you the reason.

3/3 Imp Blizzard is a 4.5 sec 75% slow. With spell batching, sometimes this won’t catch a mob until they are out of the Blizzard, and will only receive one tick if this is your slow.

2/3 Imp Blizzard is a 60% slow for 4.5 secs. Cone of Cold is a 60% slow for 11 seconds. This will allow you to, 1) Round up mobs, 2) Cone of Cold 3) Frost Nova, 4) Blink and Blizzard x2 5) Repeat til dead.

Frostbite will break up the clumping and you’ll have stragglers that really hurt when trying to AoE farm.

What are you smoking? All spells work very similar regardless of class.

Frostbolts can be partially resisted too. Any damaging spell can. Happens all the time. Heck, melee isn’t even binary since theres glancing blows.

Frost > Fire in MC because well, all the mobs are FIRE so they RESIST FIRE. Once the mobs become bugs Fire hurts them just the same as frost.


At 22ish it’s possible but you need +stam+int gear which you probably won’t have a lot of unless you buy off the auction house at that level. You pretty much have to buy gear to do it reliably.

Becomes easier once your blizzard is fully upgraded.

Don’t take 3 points in improved Blizzard.

Imo 3 points is worse for solo but in AoE dungeon groups I’d rather have the 3 points because there’s multiple people casting blizzard so it not lasting as long as CoC is not a problem.

(Sarm) #55

No, I’m pretty sure he’s right about Frostbolts having binary resists. It’s because of the chill effect baked into the spell. Whether or not the target can be snared, that effect causes the spell to always either fully hit or resist.


Chill affects are separate. I can have a mob resist my Chill affect but still be hit by the frost bolt for X amount of damage.

Example Mob Resist Frostbite, Frostbolt still hits for 250.

(Sarm) #57

Frostbite’s not the chill effect, it’s just a root. I mean the baseline snare on the spell. I’ve had enemies resist my Frostbite and Winter’s Chill debuffs too, but I don’t remember ever having the normal snare resisted while I deal damage. It’s always a package deal.


When the normal snare is resisted, its just the Frostbolt being resisted. Frostbolts don’t have two separate resist tables else no one would roll frost. The extra talents do though. That’s why you can have a Frostbite or Winter’s Chill resist but the frostbolt still connecting fully for all its damage.

(Sarm) #59

I know, but you said that Frostbolts can be partially resisted. A partial resist is when a damaging spell only deals 75%, 50%, or 25% of its normal damage. I think we’re going off of different definitions of that.


This happens with Frostbolts too. They are partially resisted a lot as well where instead of doing 250 damage they’ll only do 200 damage with 50 resisted.

Source, I cast frostbolt all the time. I can either make a video with MSBT showing you or pull numbers from !Details.