Mage Talents


does nobody take pyroblast talent in the fire talent tree when going fire spec? also what is the best talent tree for mages, ive seen a couple different builds but don’t want to have to spend gold to re spec all the time. what is the best talent tree I should be going for leveling and end game

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Pyroblast is an incredible spell for opening on mobs. You’ll likely have to respec at 60 anyway, so just go with whatever spec you prefer.


I would go frost since there is a aoe frost spec and end game frost spec. I believe you don’t switch to fire till BWL or later. But you will be frost for MC.

The consensus is frost for leveling, though.


Deep frost for levelin and pvp

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If you aren’t playing frost mage you might as well log out right now


Arcane with some points in Frost, or full Frost with some points in Arcane. Nobody is gonna go Fire till at least beyond MC.


Definitely after BWL


Frost is king. Great for AoE farming solo too. Make sure you get the talents for adding chill to your blizzard, and the extra speed reduction. You get around level 40, you will round up all those pirates in Tanaris with your frost barrier on, nova them, blizzard the crap out of them until they get on top of you, blink, blizzard again until they get on top of you, nova again, blizzard more until they die. Drink. Loot 20 corpses. Repeat.


at what level can you start blizzard farming


i tried at 23 with the gnolls in wetlands but i was getting wreckt, i think late 20s early 30s we have more skills to make it easier…

do not put points into permafrost, you dont want any of the pack your blizzarding to free then fall behind the others - pro tip :slight_smile:


joker’d took permafrost talent when he aoe farmed tho?


Works well around 28 I feel, that’s when I started. Probably can start around 24.

2 Points in Imp Blizz, 3 points Permafrost, 0 points Frostbite.


can anyone tell me how many points in what section to use for the best aoe farming tree. greatly appreciated so I know how to make my aoe farm tree


PoM Pyro is a fun spec (especially in PvP) once you hit 60. Before then, you want to go frost.

Google “Classic mage aoe spec”, and you’ll find quite a few guides.


should I just copy the build jokerd used?


PoM/Pyro is the only way to go! Three-minute Mages represent! :sunglasses::fire:


Frost is the way to go until you get out of BWL for PvE



Hmm… interesting…


Think they meant Frostbite. I’m Deep Frost. Nothing more satisfying than chasing ally down and having a rank one Frostbolt proc Frostbite. Then watching five horde swarm them like it was World War Z.


Perhaps they meant in MC itself.