Mage questline stuck

Coming back to the game after a while I want to get the ‘Archmage’ title; unfortunately I have no idea where I left off.

So, with the quest tracker on wowhead, I found out that I had finished ‘Impending Dooooooom’, and after that is ‘A Terrible Loss’, but Kalec isn’t there, nor is Khadgar at the Hall.

Also, I’m not sure if it was from watching videos on youtube, but I have very vague memories of facing off Kathranatir myself, and having Meryl thank me, so this is off-putting for me.

You need to pick up A Terrible Loss in Suramar in the Arcway, which was one of the underground areas.

See the comments here
If you have unlocked the Suramar portal network one of the portals from the Nightbourne Secret Rebel Base (whatever the game calls the main Suramar quest hub) goes there. Otherwise you’ll need to go the hard way which is described in the comments.

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thank you, sir

I just came back after a hiatus and have this quest but can’t figure out how to get back to quest giver to complete it…Im sitting in dalaran in broken isles trying to find way to the hall of champions, of course not to be confused with the chamber of champions.

It is in Greyfang Enclave, if I remember correctly, should be a golden portal, like, right inside. Takes you to Light’s Hope Chapel, and the underground area, which is where most quests are started / turned in.