Mage Questions: need some help :s

I have several mage questions mostly revolving around PvE. I appreciate any help you can give.

  1. is frost still meta for PvE including keys and raids?
  2. does fire come close to frost in PvE?
  3. any advice on using cooldowns in PvE? As a PvP player I tend to hold mine for burst windows. I feel like I never know when to use things like then of power icy veins or combustion arcane power etc
  4. does arcane come close to frost in PvE?

5)PvP question: anyone know any mages playing at any decent level as arcane?
6)how far behind is frost from fire in arena now?

  1. Last I looked all three mages are pretty close for raid. M+ it looked like frost was lagging but close.
  2. yes, depends on how well you play both
  3. some you use on cool down, some you might want to try to save or time for lust.
  4. yes, depends on how well you play both.

5/6 no answer here

  1. Frost is the best mage for M+ and also S tier compared to all classes.

  2. Fire is equal to Frost in raids but behind in M+. Both are ranked S tier though

  3. I learned a lot from guides done by Manather, Asuna and Okaymage on YouTube. I think you would too. They cover everything in depth.

  4. In Raids they are equal. In M+ no. All 3 specs are ranked A tier for raids.

Also don’t have an answer for 5/6

  1. Numbing, Cvark (NA)
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Keys yes, but not massively skewed to Frost
Raid no


As Frost you really don’t hold CDs.

In Raid yes.